World in Flames is the seventh free campaign being able to be accessed to enter the world of Warstorm. The storylines of the crusade for the start of orc and demon faction are introduced. There are totally 7 missions in the campaign. Completing the campaign gains a territory that gives 100 silver per day.
The territory gained from completing this campaign is named Name.

Mission listEdit

Campaign Name Enemies Squad(s) Rewards


(cards left)

Deshir Deeps Tattered Wraith x4, Blast (spell) x3, Deshir Drake x5, Argol the Risen, Enraged Yeti x4, Pestilience Rat x3, Diseased Wolf x4, Giant Bat x3, Recycle 4 500 silver, 450 experience Yes
Orcish Supply Train Slavedriver Gargurl x3, Bloodlust x2, Enraged Yeti x4, Troll Blood Vial, Red Tide Taskmaster x5, Captive Snow Troll x2, Red Tide Brute x3, Battle Preparations x2, Red Tide Berserker x2, Treasure Chest x2, Gorfang Trollkin 4 500 silver, 450 experience No (1)
The First Wave Cultise of Kulnar x5, Azuba the Deathlord x2, Aseti Book of Fire, Banur Cultist x3, Dervish of Kulnar, Banur Death Priest x2, Battle Preparations, Kulnar Demonfriend 4 500 silver, 450 experience No (12)
The Second Wave Kirdanaan Darkshield x2, Blast (spell), Cultist of Grymish x4, Red Tide Brute x2, Burning Imp x4, Flaming Behemoth, Grymish the Mad x2, Vistav Mutant, Demonic Ritual, Firemane Demon 4 500 silver, 450 experience No (9)
The Third Wave Iceling x4, Snow Demon x2, Ice Basilisk, Cultist of Aradaan x3, Aradaan Silverhair, Silvintri Defender x2, Anden Venombow x3, Battle Preparations, Gishagul the Icelord x2 4 500 silver, 450 experience No (9)
The March South Battle Preparations, Ice Basilisk, Firemane Demon x2, Banur Ice Priest x2, Flaming Behemoth, Decaying Behemoth, Agmog the Firelord, Red Summoner 3 500 silver, 450 experience No (18)
Lord Yauba Lord Yauba, Firemane Demon, Banur Cultist x2, Red Summoner x4, Banur Ice Priest, Blast (spell) x2, Gishagul the Icelord, Flaming Behemoth, Frozen Behemoth, Agmog the Firelord, Banur Death Priest, Azuba te Deathlord 4 2000 silver, 450 experience No (11)
Princess at the Gates Captured Hill Giant x2, Red Tide Taskmaster x2, Gorfang Trollkin, Battle Wagon x2, Catapult Crew x2, War Brew x2, Slavedriver Gargurl, Skarg's Axe, Vistav Trollget, Glugar Half-Giant, Bloodlust x2 3 500 silver, 450 experience No (11)
The Path of Legends Vistav Yeti Trainer x2, War Brew x2, Gorfang Trollkin x2, Deshir Drake x2, Fervor, Enraged Yeti x2, Vistav Yeti x2, Battle Preparations 2 500 silver, 450 experience Yes
A Call from the Void Nightwing Imp x2, Burning Orb, Ice Basilisk x2, Decaying Behemoth x2, Azuba the Deathlord x2, Ignite x2, Voidcaller x2, Crown of Flames 2 500 silver, 450 experience Yes
A Rush of Wings Giant bat x2, Cave Bat x3, Mist Stalker x2 1 500 silver, 450 experience Yes
Unwelcome Interruption Lightning Storm x2, Recycle x2, Anden Sunsword, Anden Priest x2, Gwyn Lightbringer, Ancient Silverback 3 500 silver, 450 experience No (12)
Old Ties Recalled Troll Blood Vial, Vistav Trollget x3, Firemage of Grymish x3, Red Tide Scout x3, Fireshroud Cultist x2, Grymish the Mad, Orcish Palisade x2, Captive Snow Troll x2, Rust, Skoreg Axe Lord, Glugar Half-Giant 3 500 silver, 450 experience No (1)
An Old Threat Returned Whispering Ghost, Festering Troll x2, Gormic Swamps x2, Putrid Dagger x2, Dirty Rotten Zombie x2, Slithering Horror x2, Curse x2, Ririk Dark Champion x2, Zombie Berserker x2, Plague, 3 500 silver, 450 experience No (3)
Rulers of Air and Land Ignite, Grey Summoner x3, Gishagul the Icelord x2, Green Summoner x3, Red Summoner x3, Soul Leech x2, Ice Storm, Agmog the Firelord, Firemane Demon x3, Burning Orb x2 3 500 silver, 450 experience Yes
The Gormic Swamps Gormihaagos x2, Black Drake x3, Black Hatchling x2, Gormic Swamps x2, Plague x2, Swamp Horror x2, Slithering Horror 2 500 silver, 450 experience Yes
Dragon Hunter Lance of Faith, Cirrusaliosa, Arlen Silver Knight, Aanglor Knight x2, Knight of Blades x2, Princess Katrina, Champion x3, White Dragon, Estian Battlemage x2, Earthworks x2, Heavy Cavalry x2, Anglor Warsmith, Mithril Shield, Estian Battle Cleric, Sicilis Stonefist 4 2000 silver, 450 experience No (6)

Quotes from World in FlamesEdit

Deshir DeepsEdit

"So what are we doing in the Deeps, Isidore?"

"The villagers have been seeing strange things. Lights on the hillside, strange howls. Ghosts."

"And you're thinking some of our old undead friends are running wild in the hills?"


"Well, isn't that going to be just wonderful?"

Orcish Supply ChainEdit

The warden looked out of the bushes at the orchish supply train. "They'll be passing by in a minute," he whispered.

"Well done," said Grovekeeper Dyrbral. "Once we have their explosives, we can turn their own fire against them."

The First WaveEdit

On the night of the new moon, dark figures crept through the streets of Korros. They grabbed the old and the young without discrimination, and dragged them to the town square. A figure stood at a makeshift altar. "Allow me to be the first to congratulate you," he said. "You're about to usher in a new order."

With that, Kulnar plunged his knife into the first sacrifice. A black portal formed behind them, and demons poured through it.

The Second WaveEdit

The orcish camps were filled with the old and sick, and the Vistav cultists swept down among them, piling up bodies and chanting.

"Why ar eyou doing this?" an elder asked.

The answer came back, half whisper, half chant: "Agmog commands Grymish! Grymish commands us! Burn the weak to open the gate!"

Then the cultists set the bodies of the elders alight, dancing and chanting as the demns emerged from the flames.

The Third WaveEdit

The fall leaves crunched under Aradaan Silverhair's boot. e looked around at the trees of the Silvintri Forest. "Burn it," he said. "Burn it all down."

His followers blasyed away at the heart of the forest. As the least trunk fell, a flurry of snow blew up in the clearing, thickening into a blizzard, and the demons came forth.

The March SouthEdit

Despite fierce resistance, enough demons passed through the gates for armies to form. The fire demons made their way east, joining with the ice demons on their ways to Korros. The death demons waited for them at Korros, and the combined army turned south toward an ancient temple.

Lord YaubaEdit

At the ancient temple, the demon army began one final ritual to bring the strongest of them into the world.

The chants rose, the sky cracked open, and a faceless figure strode through the opened gate.

Lord Yauba surveyed his leigons. "I am here," he said. "Now we remake the world to our liking."

Princess at the GatesEdit

"Shore up that wall!"

Pozak turned away from the scurrying workers and saw two women climbing up on the battlement. He strode towards them. "You!" he shouted. "Get off there! No civilians on the walls."

Once of the women turned with the easy grace of a professional bodyguard. "You will address Her Royal Highness with the proper respect," she said.

Pozak groaned inside as he recoginzed the Princess Katrina. She was the worst combination of smart and fearless, and she was about to get an arrow in her neck.

The Path of LegendsEdit

"You're losing this war," Katrina said.

Pozak took a deep breath. "And what do you suggest, Princess?"

Katrina unrolled a scroll. "There are powerful artifact in the ruins of the Burning. Give me some men and let me search for them."

As Katrina left the tent with a sheaf of orders, her bodyguard said, "You didn't tell him what you are really looking for."

"He'd never believe it." said the princess.

A Call from the VoidEdit

Katrina's party were creeping through the foothills when Sarah held up a hand for silence.

After a mement, the others heard a ghostly croning. A bladesman drew his sword, only yo fumble and drop it. It clattered on the rocks below.

"It doesn't sound like the natives are friendly," the princess joked.

Sarah frowned. "I don't think those are natives, your highness." Shadows rose around the warriors. "And they are definitely not friendly."

A Rush of WingsEdit

As the party climbed into the mountains, a solder asked, "Your Highness, what are we looking for up here?"

Sarah tapped him on the shoulder and pointed downwards. "Look alive, soldier," she said. He gawked at the man-sized bats rising towards the.

Across the canyon, where a gigantic white dragon had emerged and was watching their predicament with interest. Katrina pointed and said, "We're looking for her."

Unwelcome InterruptionEdit

On the plains, a young orc locked eyes with a hungry troll. It growled at her, then left in search of an easier meal. The orc woman picked up the the troll's discarded mutton leg and took a bite out of it. There was an explosion in the distance, and she cursed to herself. A few bites later, a grunt was shouting, "Jorja! Jorja!"

"Skoreg say take squad and investigate?" Jorja asked. When the grunt nodded, she tossed him the half-eaten leg. "You carry lunch."

Old Ties RecalledEdit

The white dragon leapt over the canyon, leanding lightly on a boulder. "Few humans dare my realm," it rumbled. "What brings you here?"

Katrina locked eyes with the dragon. "Cirrusaliosa! I know the story of my ancestors. My kin spared your life, and I call you to that debt. Serve for a year and a day, and the debt will be discharged!"

To herself, Sarah muttered, "That old legend better be right, or we're all dead."

The dragon bowed its head. "The debt will be paid."

An Old Threat ReturnedEdit

Jorja ran towards the wrecked camp. She saw a white creature flying west, a struggling orc in its talons.

The shaman met her at the palisade. "Ancient enemy is back," the shaman said. "We need slayer. We need you."

"Not dragonslayer." Jorja said. "Just warrior."

"You will be dragonslayer," the shaman said. "You need sword. Go to Gormic Swamps, where last dragonslayer fell."

Rulers of Air and LandEdit

Katrina sat on the embankment, her head levelwith the dragopn on the ground below. Sarah sat nearby, whittling.

"I remember orc," Cirrusaliosa rumbled. "They made great trouble for my kin. It was a pleasure to seize them in my claws."

"They aren't only the only invaders," Katrina said. "Demons are tearing the land apart."

"We are the rulers of land and air," said the dragon. "I will remind them of it."

As the dragon left to hunt, Sarah looked up from her carving and asked, "We?"

The Gormic SwampsEdit

Jorja grunted as she made her way into the cave. She saw the sword within, hammed into a crack in the rock, shining as if it was new. Magic.

She was halfway across the cave before she saw the reflection of her torchlight in large, black eyes. A deep voice said, "An orc, come to claim the sword of the last dragonslayer. I hope your bones taste as sweet as that one's did."

Jorja pulled the sword from the wall. "Shaman says I'm a dragonslayer," she said. "Come and we find out."

Dragon HunterEdit

Jorja returned to the encampment, sword in one hand, the head of a black dragonin the other. She dropped the head in front of the shaman and Skoreg. "You have dragonslayer," she told them.

Skoreg smiled. "Good. We attack the city now, Soon the orcs rule the humans, and the dragons fear the orcs!"


The first year of the war came to a close with orcs in the streets of cities, and demons apart the land. Much has changed, but there were many more changes. Mew alliances would be built, and old ones would shatter. Mercenaries would join the fray, and monsters would rise from their graves. And deep in the heart of mountains, the father of all dragons is still stirring.

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