There are several methods of winning the battle.

List of winning methodsEdit

  • Enemy morale point is reduced to zero - it is checked at the end of every phase in every battle cycle, and also after every use of spells.
  • All enemy units, spells and artifacts are situated in graveyard - it is checked at the end of every turn, and also after every use of spells.
  • All enemy units, spells and artifacts are situated in graveyard, with some artifacts situated in reserve area - No unit can make use of the enemy artifacts.
  • All of the cards of both sides are put into graveyard as an result of assassinate or assassinate all, which the spell is at your side - Failing to move all enemy cards into graveyard but moving all your cards into graveyard, is counted as a regular defeat for no more cards.
  • The last unit of one side manages to kill all the remaining opposing units (effectively causing all cards of that side into graveyard, of course with failure of animated or absense of animated at all), however after that in the turn it goes to graveyard - The side of actioning unit wins the battle. An example of this is the last unit of a side kills the last opposing unit, then dying due to poison effects. Although all cards will settle in graveyard in this case the attacking side wins. However if the unit being killed manages to animate itself but all the attacking units have died, it counts as normal defeat. Explosion also includes in the case.

Important tipsEdit

If units in play on both sides do not die for consecutive 15 turns, the morale point will decrease in number of 1, 2, 3, etc. when the player's turn starts. However, only one side having no unit dying for consecutive 10 turns will not affect the morale point in this way.

Using assassinate all to move all enemies into graveyard, while you have spare cards, is counted as regular success as opponent has no more cards but you have.

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