Whirlwind is an ability that will cause the card to undergo three attacks at the same time in its battle cycle, instead of the normally 1 attack:

  • One card left from opposing enemy
  • The opposing enemy
  • One card right from opposing enemy

The attacks are all independent, thus the calculation of final effect depends on individual victim cards.

For example, a Dervish of Kulnar attacks, since it does not have Flying, it will not hit any flying units. Block will only protect from the individual defending unit. The reacting abilities like retaliate and death aura work as well.

If the three units being attacked are Red Tide Berserker, Nightwing Imp, and Shield Rider, the berserker will gain 1 attack, imp taking no damage as it is flying, and rider taking no damage for blocking damage.

If an unit is cursed when attacking with whirlwind, each attack is individually counted for missing the attack. The unit will have chance to hit 0, 1, 2, or 3 targets, not 0, 3 if 3 enemies are in range.

If an unit is susceptible to die due to retaliate all the available attacks are still performed.

If an unit can only target 1 or 2 enemies (likely at the leftmost slot or too few units on opposing side) it will only attack the available enemy/ies. Only if no card is in all the three slots will cause the unit to attack morale point instead.

Whirlwind appears as a white fan on victim card(s). It will appear even if the attack is completed blocked.

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