This page is about The card type which is currently the fewest cards reside in, you may find the following links useful:

Vampire is a card type released in Monster Pack in and the expansion with the same name in Facebook. It is currently the type with least kinds of cards inside it, of total of 3 cards, all inside Undead faction:

There is only one card to support vampires specifically, named Mist Form. Although it is neutral in faction it is essential to be put along these cards.

Vampires are generally with higher ready value and medium health. All of them have initial 2 attack. Vampires are considered by some to be over-powerful as the combination of wound, flying, drain and trap opposing effectively causes most of the unit unable to defeat them while alone. Immunes are helpless against them as very few of them have regenerate, and in other way regenerating units are often taken down easily. If combined with artifacts it is almost impassible. Mist Form is even more controversional for its ability, which the effect lasts for 3 turns which can possibly bring down most enemy defenses.

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