The War Begins is the fourth free campaignbeing able to be accessed to enter the world of Warstorm. The orc faction is introduced to players. There are a total of 5 missions in the campaign. Completing the campaign gains a territory that gives 100 silver per day.
The territory gained from completing this campaign is named Name.

Mission ListEdit

Mission Name Enemies S


Rewards Completed (cards left)
The Beastslaver Camp Red Tide Grunt x2, Deshir Crag Wolf x2, Deshir Wildcat x4 2 350 Experience, 250 Silver No (6)
Melgr the Vicious Red Tide Beastslaver x2, Deshir Wildcat x4, Deshir Crag Wolf x2, Red Tide Grunt x2, Enraged Yeti x2, Melgor the Vicious x2 No (1?)
Orc Alliance Camp Gorfang Trollkin x2, Red Tide Grunt x4, Red Tide Shield x2, Red Tide Warrior x3, Blast (spell) x2, Red Tide Brute Yes
Red Tide Attack Deshir Wildcat x5, Red Tide Warrior x1, Red Tide Shield x1, Gorfang Trollkin x1, Blast (spell) x1, Enraged Yeti x2, Captive Snow Troll Yes
Orc Alliance Outpost 3

Losing battle reduces the cumlative experience to approximately 85% of current mission experience. Losing twice will induce to about 72% experience gained compared to no loss and so on.

Quotes in the campaignEdit

The Beastslaver CampEdit

Isidore and Gallis stared down the hillside at the camp. "Are those orcs?" Gallis whispered.

The older scout nodded. "Looks like. But what are they doing this far out of the plainlands?"

"Let's see what thet're up to!" said Gallis. Isidore could only shake his head. That young fool of an Estian was going to get them killed...

Melgor the ViciousEdit

The orc swung a meaty fist, and Gallis sprawled on the ground. "Spies!" the orc said. "Melgor knows how to deal with you."

Isidore crouched in the bushes, looking for an opportunity. Now would be a good time for the cavalry to arrive, he thought. "I'd even settle for a hedge wizard on a donkey."

Orc Alliance CampEdit

Isidore looked up to see their leader standing over him. "Lord General Pozak!" he croaked, and tried to scramble to his feet.

Pozak held out a hand. "Easy, son." he said. "Tell me what you've seen."

"Orcs all over the hills," the scout said. "We were looking for their base camp when that raiding party captured us."

Pozak frowned. "We had rumors of drought out in the plains. If the orcs are here, then things are more serious than we thought. Show me the camp."

Red Tide AttackEdit

Even as General Pozak followed the trail, the main assault was beginning. Soldiers crashed through the green Silvintri Forest, and the bird calls were drowned by the clang of steel.

A warden ran through the forest raising the alarm. Grovekeeper Dyrbral would find him later, his body riddled with arrows, still crying his warning with the last of his breath.

Orc Alliance OutpostEdit

"Lord General, I have word from the Light-Priestess. The Silvintri Forest is burning."

Pozak grunted at the messenger and turned to the old scout next to him. "What do you think, Isidore?"

"The elves are fierce, Lord General, but few. They cannot hold the forest alone."

Pozak stared at the fort ahead. "And yet if we assist, we will have the orcs on two sides." He shook his head. "Too dangerous. We will start out counterattack here, and help the elves when we can."

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