The Undead Ultimatum is the fourth free campaign being able to be accessed to enter the world of Warstorm. Undead faction is introduced to the players, along with the storyline of the crusade for the human and elf army. There are totally 7 missions in the campaign. Completing the campaign gains a territory that gives 100 silver per day.
The territory gained from completing this campaign is formerly the place where the Citadel of Abtu-Kahn was built..

Mission ListEdit

Mission Name Enemies Squad(s) Rewards Completed

(cards left)

Swamp Creatures Dirty Rotten Zombie, Diseased Wolf x7, Pestilience Rat x5, Swamp Horror 2 375 Experience, 250 Silver Yes
The Undead Citadel Abtu-Kahn Acolyte x3, Abtu-Kahn Priest, Argol the Risen, Aseti Book Of Fire, Blade Of Weakness, Severed Hands x3, Stick Golem x2, Yorlii The Traitor, 2 No (1)
The Undead Ravagers Whispering Ghost x2, Zap (spell) x2, Batu the Lorekeeper x3, Severed hands x2, Magic Vortex x2, Abtu-Kahn Worshipper x3 3 No (7)
The Keepers of the Gate Zap (spell), Abtu-Kahn Worshipper x2, Magic Vortex x2, Tattered Wraith x2, Wall of Souls x2, The Unnamed One x2, Tomb Stalker 3 No (9)
The Outer Sanctum Abtu-Kahn Worshipper x6, Stick Golem x5, The Unnamed One, Gruesome Blade x2, Ririk Dark Champion, Magic Vortex x2, Tomb Stalker x2, Zombie Berserker x2, Blast (spell), Dirty Rotten Zombie x2, Natu the Embalmer, Severed Hands x2, Argol the Risen 4 Yes
The Inner Sanctum Rust, Argol the Risen x2, Abtu-Kahn Worshipper x6, Swamp Horror x2, Dirty Rotten Zombie, Gruesome blade, Tattered Wraith x2, Abtu-Kahn Acolyte x3, Ririk Dark Champion 3 No (2)
Defenders of the Citadel Gruesome Blade x2, Dirty Rotten Zombie x2, Abtu-Kahn Worshipper x5, Rust, Wretched Wanderer x2, Armor Golem x2, Argol the Risen x2, Stick Golem x2, Zombie Berserker, Ririk Dark Champion, Skeletal Marksman x2, Magic Vortex 4 375 Experience, 1500 Silver No (5)

Quotes in the campaignEdit

Swamp CreaturesEdit

In the Silvintri Forest, the Light Priestess Enyi opened a message and read an elaborate scroll.

"The Abtu-Kahn have invited us to a meeting," she murmured. "But why?"

Her aide paled. "You're not thinking of actually going?"

"Orcs rampage through our forestss, and the Lord General is in no hurry to help. The Light always shines on new possibilities, and perhaps this is one of them.

The Undead CitadelEdit

Enyi's entourage walked through the citadel. Bones rattled in the shadows.

A mummy sat on a throne in the Great Hall. "I speak for the undying Abtu-Kahn," it said. "Our prophecies say your Forest will be destroyed. I offer you a choice: death at the hands of the orcs, or eternal partnership with us."

"You mean slavery," the Priestess said.

"It is that or destruction. Which will you choose?"


The Undead RavagersEdit

"Priestess, the Abtu-Kahn pursuit is gaining on us."

Enyi nodded. "I see them, Gwyn. We'll make our stand on that hill, and hold out as long as we can."

There was a shout of trumpets ahead, and the priestess smiled. "It seems the Light is with us today," she said, "and that Lord General Pozak has finally arrived. Get ready to turn and attack!"

The Keepers of the GateEdit

"General, we are squeezed between the Abtu-Kahn and the rcs. We must strike back before they destroy us." Pozak shook his head. "What you ask is foolish," he said.

"What are you always so cautious?" Enyi shouted. "What happened to the bold young hero I watched rising through the ranks?"

"He got tired of dead bodies and whispers."

Pozak though, and then sighed. "The worst of it is," he said, "that you are right."

The Outer SanctumEdit

"We beat them!" Gallis crowed with joy. "We're through the gate!"

"Don't get cocky," Isidore told him. As he spoke, hordes of zombies lurched through citadel's doorwats into the courtyard.

"You see," the old scout said. "Now we're in for it."

The Inner SanctumEdit

Lightning bolts tore through the air. Gallis ducked under the talons of a ghost and called out, "Just how many of these things are there?"

Isidore cut down one priest, then another, and was surprised by the rush of triumph and bloodluse in his heart, "Two fewers now!" he shouted.

Defenders of the CitadelEdit

The soldiers broke through the door and poured into the great hall, only to find the forces of the Abtu-Kahn drawn up before them.

Their leader stepped forward. "Greeting, Lord General," he said. "We did not expect such a bold move so early in the game. No matter. I will be delighted to crush you now."

"Don't count on it," Pozak said. "Soldiers! Take this thrice-dammed place apart."


The bone fortress broke apart and fell into the river. In moments, the rushing waters had erased it. "The Abtu-Kahn will rise again," Pozak said. "But not today."

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