The Orcish Invasion is a purchased campaign in Warstorm. There are 10 missions, each awarding 5000 silver. Completing the campaign grants a territory which generates 200 silver per day, and the card Conquerer's Axe. As of October 5th, 2010, it costs 20 Warstorm cash to play through the Orcish Invasion campaign, and 20 Warstorm cash to replay it as well.

This campaign seems to describe the first year of War in the culture, from the view of an orc tribe.

Mission ListEdit

Mission Name

Enemies Squad(s) Rewards Completed (cards left)
Estian Scouts Estian Wardog x2, Lord General Pozak, Estian Battle Cleric, Estian Battlemage x3, Estian Warrior x2, Archaeologist Arugi, Chalice of Healing x2, Estian Skullcrusher 2 500 Experience, 5000 Silver No (1)
Kendall Hold Estian Wardog, Earthworks x2, Anglor High Guard x3, Adamans Firehand, Estian Battle Cleric, Sicilis Stonefist, Estian Warlord x2, 2 No (3)
The Anglor Flankers Anglor Knight x4, Anglor High Guard x4, Estian Battle Cleric x3, Lord General Pozak, Varu Blackrobe, Champion, 3 No (7)
The Village of Hommiyt Archmage Valenti, Wall of Fire, Wall of Fire T7, Estian Battlemage x3, Estian Wardog x4, Estian Cleric T5 x3, Nature's Wrath x4, Earthworks x2, Varu Blackrobe, Zarin Boltcaller 3 Yes
Dyrbral's Wardens Shadow Panther x3, Anden Silverback T5 x4, Anden Warden x2, Grovekeeper Dyrbral T6, Anden Venombow x3, Blademaster Wilaren T6, 2 Yes
The Paths of the Forest Anden Venombow x5, Anden Maceman x2, Landen Hawkeye, Anden Burrower, Anden Burrower T7, Anden Ranger x2, Aseti Book of Fire, Entangle, Wildcaller Bearsong, 3 No (6)
The Heart of the Forest Codex Tempest x2, Nightprowler Silven, Anden Moon Druid x3, Anden Stalwart, Anden Stalwart T7, Wildcaller Bearsong, Nature's Wrath x2, Anden Venombow x5, Anden Stormbringer x2, Anden Horsebow T6 x2, Light Priestess Enyi, 4 No (7)
The Abtu-Kahn Column Estian Battlemage, Estian Warlord, Tattered Wraith x2, Aseti Book of Fire, Sword of Prowess, Estian Battle Cleric x2, Archaeologist Arugi, Dirty Rotten Zombie, 4 No (16)
Dissenters in the Ranks Deshir Drake x4, Skarg Bonesmasher, Vistav Snow Trapper, Vistav Snow Trapper T7, Gruesome Blade x2, Vistav Shardbow x3, Skirm the Punisher, Vistav Iceblade x4, Skoreg Axe Lord, Vistav Mutant, Vistav Mutant T7, Skarg's Axe 3 Yes
The Estian Plains Aseti Book of Fire, Harkaanite Husky, Harkaanite Husky T7, Zap (spell) x3, Sword of Prowess T7, Anden Priest x2, Anden Moon Druid, Wall of Fire, Estian Warlord, Estian Partisan, Archaeologist Arugi, Anden Horsebow T6 x2, Archmage Valenti, Anden Stalwart, 4 500 Experience, 15000 Silver No (10)

Quotes in the campaignEdit

Estian ScoutsEdit

Humans! Petty and weak, do they think they can hold these green lands while we starve in the wastes?

Mission: Capture the scouts in the plains.

Kendall HoldEdit

This outpost will fall quickly, and its storehouses will supply grain to our troops.

The Anglor FlankersEdit

The human cavalry can surround us, but we will smash through them!

The Village of HommiytEdit

This village has grown up around a crossroads in a woodland. Do its leaders really think a few fires can stand in our way?

Dyrbral's WardensEdit

To destroy the Elvish resistance, destroy the Silvintri Forest. First, the borders and its keeper!

Mission: Set fire to the forest.

The Paths of the ForestEdit

The forest has dangerous paths and wild beasts. We will drive them out!

MissionL Remove the traps from the forest paths.

The Heart of the ForestEdit

The Elves will their last stand here in the heart of their forest. Soon it too will be in flames!

The Abtu-Kahn ColumnEdit

What are these undead doing? Do they think they can take away the land we have almost won?

Dissenters in the RanksEdit

There are grumbling in the ranks. Some of the Vistav warriors speak of following a prophet named Grymish. They must be told who the true leader is

The Estian PlainsEdit

The Humans and elves are brave, and have assembled a grand army on the Estian Plains. Soon we will bring the axe of conquest once and for all!

Victory on the Plains

Your forces have scattered the humans and elves! As they retreat into their cities and forests, the way is clear for you to bring your settlers across the mountains. Soon orcs will dominate the Estian Plains, for what could stop you now?

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