The AlchemistEdit

The Alchemist was released on 15 December, 2010. He offers four kinds of boosts, which are of the same price with three variations. Purchasing more boosts at the same time does not give discount.

List of BoostsEdit

  • Morale Boost (+5 initial Morale point)
  • Titan Strength (+1 Attack to the first unit coming into staging area)
  • Stone Skin (+3 Health to the first unit coming into staging area)
  • Lightning speed (-2 Ready to the first unit coming into staging area)

All boosts can be used in all battles, but is limited to 1 boost per squad. That means a maximum of N boosts can be used for N squads, and 4 boosts is the maximum for now.

Except for morale boost, the effect of the offered boost will always apply to the first N hero or unit cards coming into play. The order is the same as the pre-battle order. This also ignores the position ansd squad of cards. For example, if you place morale boost, two lightning speed and one stone skin, the first 2 cards will get -2 ready and the third card getting stone skin. It is actually possible to get 4 cards in a single squad to get 4 boosts, but it is very rare, in this case no more boosts will be available for the other 3 squads.


  • 1 Boost (lasts for 1 battle) Ready in 2 hours, costs 500 silver
  • 3 Boost (lasts for 3 battles) Ready in 8 hours, costs 1500 silver
  • 6 Boost (lasts for 6 battles) Ready in 24 hours, costs 3000 silver

If a player fails to take the offered boosts on time, he/she can take a refunded silver (reduced portion of original price)

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