Slayer is an ability which will cause infinite damage to an enemy in specified area, if a normal attack occurs in battle cycle. For example, Barrier slayer will kill any barrier instantly. The ability can bypass Immune, Block and Flying, but unknown to Invulnerable. As it is attack based ability, it can still be blocked by status Frozen and Trapped.

Currently 6 types of slayer abilities are available:

Where Giant slayer will kill any unit with 3 or more current attack, but others will kill any units being orc, undead, demon, dragon or barrier.

If paired with Drain the full amount of health is restored, since the damage is infinite.

List of cards with Orc SlayerEdit

List of cards with Undead SlayerEdit

List of cards with Demon SlayerEdit

List of cards with Dragon SlayerEdit

List of cards with Barrier SlayerEdit

List of cards with Giant SlayerEdit

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