Card lg set8 sillikiatrix green dragon r

Squad Role
6, 0, 0
12 (fabled), 14 (rare)
2, 9
Released on

Sillikiatrix, being the strong of the elf dragon, besides the Matimilopeotryx in elf faction, is also the unit card with the most health in expert pack, and the card with strongest poison and largest damage in 1 attack. Only the matimilopeotryx is able to deal 6 damage in 1 turn to single target (without any restrictions), although Enraged Raganash is able to deal 7 damage in 1 turn (only if having 2 or lower health).

As of the green dragons, the card has high ready value and high combat abilities. However this card is not often used, as of the dragon is residing in the elf faction which has few available ability-based units, especially flying, and the lack of artifact/spell slot. The poison damage is deadly but cannot target other enemies, and she is especially weak to flying enemies.

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