Warstorm offers a number of ways to obtain additional cards as well more missions by purchasing them using Silver or Cash.


Card Packs
Faction Packs
Single Cards


Campaign Bundles

Players can use silver or cash to buy cards or sets. The price is as below:

(Only the cash price or sliver price is needed to purchase one item, -- indicates not available in that currency)

Please notice replaying a campaign must be accessed by viewing map in battlegrounds.

For single card price please see Silver and Cash page.

Name Silver Cash Content of purchase
Novice Pack 1000 --

3 cards from Novice Pack, possibly one gift card

Expert Pack 10000 4 6 cards from Expert Pack, possibly one gift card
Mercenaries Expansion Pack -- 5 6 cards from Mercenaries Expansion Pack, possibly one gift card
Monsters Expansion Pack -- 5 6 cards from Monsters Expansion Pack, possibly one gift card
Elf Pack 5000 2 6 cards from Expert Pack, possibly one gift card, exclusive to: Elf and Neutral
Human Pack 12500 5 Human and Neutral
Orc Pack 12500 5 Orc and Neutral
Demon Pack 12500 5 Demon and Neutral
Undead Pack 12500 5 Undead and Neutral
Single cards ? ? One specified card from Goody Bag and Monster Pack
Coldshock 15000 6

Varu Blackrobe R8, Zap R2, Battle Preparations R2

Estian Battlemage R8, Estian Battle Cleric R8, White Hatchling R6 x2

Deadly Arrows 15000 6

Aradaan Silverhair R10, Icebow Archer R6, Aseti Book of Fire R6

Gruesome Blade R4, Cultist of Aradaan R2 x2

Big Stomp 30000 12

Grymish the Mad R12, Captive Snow Troll R10, Enraged Yeti R12 x2

Red Tide Berserker R8 x2, Battle Preparations R2

Undying Death 30000 12

Ririk Dark Champion R8, Treasure Chest R8, Dirty Rotten Zombie R8 x2

Diseased Wolf R6 x2, Zap R2

Note: It was removed on 30 October, 2010.

Bloodthirst 30000 12

Lady Raiven T4, Vampire T3, Vampire Spawn T2 x2, Spider Swarm T2 x2, Mist Form T3

Note: It was added on 30 October, 2010.

Maximum Heal 40000 16

Enyi on the Brink R10, Beacon of Light R8, Shield Rider R10 x2

Choking Cloud R8, Faithful Healer R6 x2

Raging Dragons 40000 16

Raganash R16, Firemane Demon R10, Baanur Ice Priest R10

Red Hatchling R6 x2, Red Drake R10 x2

Emissary to the Elves -- 10

Completion of campaign gains Diadem of Light.

Replay price is 10 cash.

The campaigns each contain 10 missions.

Each completion of mission rewards 5000 silver.

Completion of campaign gains 200 silver per day.

A Storm is Coming -- 15

Completion of campaign gains Talisman of Yauba.

Replay price is 15 cash.

March of the Abtu-Kahn -- 20

Completion of campaign gains Lich King's Crown.

Replay price is 20 cash.

Dragon Rampage -- 20

Completion of campaign gains Sarah.

Replay price is 20 cash.

The Orcish Invasion -- 20

Completion of campaign gains Conquerer's Axe.

Replay price is 20 cash.

Fall of the Alliance -- 20

Completion of campaign gains Flame Sigil.

Replay price is X cash.

One campaign, each mission rewards 2500 silver, for total of 20 missions.

Recruit an Army -- --

Must be accessed via View map in Battlegrounds.

Replay price is 1 cash for each and any campaign.

Note: Save the Province cannot be replayed.

Free Your Neighbors -- --
The War Begins -- --
The Undead Ultimatum -- --
The Estian Rebellion -- --
World in Flames -- --
Lead a Mighty Host -- --