Recruit Army is the first campaign being able to be accessed to enter the world of Warstorm. Different rules and basic strategies in the game, also the basic on how to access interfaces to create squads and battle other squads are taught.
The first cards which are given when a player plays Warstorm for the first time, players must use these 7 cards to colplete mission 1 and 2:
All players must complete all missions of this campaign in order to fully access the interface of Warstorm in Facebook.
After Mission 2, players can build one squad.
After Mission 3, players can access cards and shops.
After Mission 4, players can build two squads.
After Mission 5, players are not needed to buy a Novice Pack.
Until completion of the whole campaign, the Quick Match, Daily Campaign and squad filter are all disabled.
The territory has no specified name, and is referenced as a "Bandit-invaded territory".

Mission listEdit

Mission Name Enemies Squad(s) Rewards
Your First Battle Estian Warrior R4 x4 1 255 Experience, 250 Silver
Bandits! Estian Warrior R4 x4 1

255 Experience, 1250 Silver (Guaranteed level up 1000 silver + mission 250 silver),

Estian Warrior R4 x2, Aanglor Footman R2 x3,

Estian Wardog R6 x2, Estian Cleric R10

A Healers Call Estian Warrior R4 x3, Estian Cleric R10 1

125 Experience, 250 Silver,

Aanglor Rider R4 x2

Arrows from the Woods Silvintri Ranger R2 x5 1

125 Experience, 250 Silver,

Blademaster Wilaren R8, Silvintri Defender R2 x3, Silvintri Warrior R4 x3

A Growing Force

Estian Warrior R4 x2, Aanglor Footman R2 x2, Silvintri Ranger R2 x2, Silvintri Defender R2 x2,

2 150 Experience, 250 Silver
Gone to the Dogs Silvintri Ranger R2 x5 (Note: this is a bug and has not been fixed) 1

150 Experience, 250 Silver

Estian Skullcrusher R4 x2

Sharp as Knives Estian Skullcrusher R4 x3, Aanglor Footman R2 x4, Adamans Firehand R10 2

150 Experience, 250 Silver

Aanden Warden R4 x2

The Bandit Camp Silvintri Defender R2 x4, Aanden Warden R4 x2, Grovekeeper Dyrbral R6 2

150 Experience, 250 Silver

Forest Crawler R2 x2

Summary of Save the ProvidenceEdit

The story started on an attack of Lord General Pozak to rescue a province invaded by bandits.

He encountered a number of rebellious Estian warriors and defeating, then arresting them.

Supplies of army kept coming on time, letting Pozak to use advantegous tactics to tackle the bandits, including leading cavalry to assault the rangers, and recruiting skullcrushers to reduce damage to his soldiers.

On the path clearing bandits, he met Wilaren who helped in arresting bandits by joining forces.

At last they defeated and chased two bandit leaders, Adamans and Dyrbral away from the province, securing the territory.

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