Recruit Army is the second free campaign (need not to be second to be completed as Cash can be used to buy new campaigns) being able to be accessed to enter the world of Warstorm. Different basic abilities are taught, as with a collection of useful card are given to players. There are totally 12 missions in the campaign. Completing the campaign gains a territory that gives 100 silver per day. The territory has no specified name though.

Mission listEdit

Mission Name Enemies Squad(s) Rewards
Dangerous Paths Silvintri Defender x6, Forest Crawler x2, Nalinai Poisonblade 2

175 Experience, 250 Silver

Aanglor Warmaiden x2
Help in the Woods Forest Crawler x5, Nalinai Poisonblade 1 175 Experience, 750 Silver
The Estian Mages Aanglor Footman x3, Estian Mage x2 250 Experience, 250 Silver Estian Mage
The Anglor Skirmishers Aanglor Skirmisher x4, Aanglor Footman x2 Aanglor Skirmisher
The Silvintri Mages Silvintri Defender x3, Silvintri Mage x3 Silvintri Mage
The Knights of Blades Dervish of Kulnar x4, Aanglor Footman x2 Dervish of Kulnar
The Anden Wolverines Aanden Wolverine x4, Silvintri Defender x2 Aanden Wolverine
The Twilight Warriors Twilight Warrior x2, Silvintri Defender x2 Twilight Warrior
The Estian Trappers Estian Trapper x4, Aanglor Footman x2 None (see Note)
The Icemages of Aradaan Icemage of Aradaan x2, Silvintri Defender x3 Icemage of Aradaan
The Icebow Archers Icebow Archer x2, Silvintri Defender x3 Icebow Archer
The Anden Sunswords Aanden Sunsword x2, Silvintri Defender x3 250 Experience, 750 Silver, Aanden Sunsword

Losing battle reduces the cumlative experience to approximately 85% of current mission experience. Losing twice will induce to about 72% experience gained compared to no loss and so on.

Summary of Recruit an ArmyEdit

Note: The statements below are both based on cards in individual mission and mission description, to provide a persumably more all-around explanation about the campaign.

  • Dangerous Paths

As Lord General Pozak and Blademaster Wilaren ventured through the Silvintri Forest, many wild creatures appeared to attack them, including Forest Crawlers carrying strong poison and Nalinai residing inside the forest.

  • Help in the Woods

A group of Aanglor warmaiden had been sent by the Estia empire and met Pozak and Wilaren, to help them go through the forest.

  • The Estian Mages

After arriving at Estia, Lord General Pozak finished training with the Estian mages and recruited them into the army.

  • The Anglor Skirmishers

Lord General Pozak continued training the Skirmishers with group of strong and well-healthed soldiers.

  • The Silvintri Mages

Wilaren and other elven leaders started training the Silvintri Mages.

  • The Knights of Blades

Pozak defeated the Dervish of Kulnar with a small army and recruited them.

  • The Anden Wolverines

The elven leaders decided to make use of the local wolverines for future battles.

  • The Twilight Warriors

The Twilight warriors were trained by governace of the elves as well.

  • The Estian Trappers

The trappers were trained by the Estia empire.

  • The Icemages of Aradaan

Although the icemages were arrogant, they were defeated by one of the elven heroes and he recruited them into the elven army as well.

  • The Icebow Archers

The icebow archers were willing to serve the elves and joined the army shortly, trained by the elves.

  • The Anden Sunswords

The sunsword units were specially trained by Gwyn, and joined the elven army after. After all the campaigns, the human and elf army were near to basic completion and the storyline led to the actual war in the next campaign.


  • The Anden Wolverines is possibly a typo of the actual mission name. The Anden Sunswords is similar to this.
  • Due to a bug no card is given, even though it claims to reward a Estian Trapper, in The Estian Trappers mission.

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