Rare card on Facebook
does not point to normal cards on the game or rare in rarity in general, but specifically 10 cards in the series which are randomly given to players to share among themselves. Both rarity are available but they only appear after defeating the squads in quick match and friend list several times. The sharing option will reappear after next victory if the player does not share it, however if the card is shared the counter is reset and another card can be shared given sufficient battles are won.

All 10 cards are either rare or fabled in rarity. Moreover, all of them are not sold in shops of Facebook game. Players can only claim one card of each type to themselves, that is, without other's help, only 10 cards can be obtained. However the cards can be given after claimed in the game selection screen, thus a player can have more cards than the limit gives (such as 3 Wall of Flesh) if other players give the cards via card or friend interface.

List of cardsEdit

  1. Wandering Bard
  2. Drum of Despair
  3. Barbarian Warrior
  4. Unicorn
  5. Corpsefire Mage
  6. Stitch Troll
  7. Hellcow
  8. Estian Warcat
  9. Flamebow
  10. Wall of Flesh

How do I know if iI am giving Fabled card?Edit

The screen that tells you that you discovered the card, will show the image of the card. The rarity as said, must be Fable (red) or Rare (blue). That means you are giving a fabled card if that title of card is red. However the receiver would not know that until you tell them in description of giving card request.

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