New Allies is the ninth free campaign (currently the last) being able to be accessed to enter the world of Warstorm. The storyline of the search for new allies of Estian army is introduced. There are totally 10 missions in the campaign. Completing the campaign gains a territory that gives 100 silver per day.
The territory gained from completing this campaign is named Name.

Mission ListEdit

Mission Name Enemies Squad(s) Rewards Completed

(cards left)

Through the Lines Red Tide Bootlicker x3, Guard Wolf x2, Totem Warrior x2, Melgor Triumphant, Codex Tempest, Atrocity, Gorfang Trollking, Red Tide Ambusher x2, Vistav Shardbow 2 500 Experience, 500 Silver Yes
Pursuit Friend to Foe T7 x2, Grymish the Mad x2, Raging Berserker x2, Red Tide Spearman x2, Two-headed Giant x2, Red Tide Scout x3, Griffon T6 x2, 2 Yes
Into the Mountains Snow Leopard x4, Storm Giant x2, Storm Giant T7, Stone Giant x2, Avalanche, Mountain Goat x3 2 Yes (Deck has 13 cards)
Lady Raiven Vampire Spawn x3, Vampire Spawn T5 x3, Lady Raiven, Lady Raiven T7, Bloodthrist, Vampire, Vampire T6 x3, Mist Form 2 Yes
Spider Tunnels Cavetrap Spider T5 x3, Spider Swarm T5 x4 1 Yes
Warning Shot Dwarven Guardian, Dwarven Lorespeaker x2, Stone Senitel T5 x2, Dwarven Warrior x2, Hammer, Dwarven Cannoneer x2, Delnor Giantkiller x2, Anvil, Dwarven Miner 2 Yes
Interference Bone Horror, Darkforge Dwarf x4, Turning the Tide, Life Trapper x2, Cam Zombie Master, Apocalypse, Bone Chainer T5 x2, Polished Golem, Spellbinder Batu 2 Yes
Driven Before Them Void Hound x2, Void Hound T6, Crikeet, Snapping Hydra T7, Burning Orb, Void Trapper 1 Yes
Dead Rising Poison Sigil x2, Bone Chainer T5 x2, Ring of Flight T6 x2, Chilling Wight T5 x3, Life Trapper x3, Crackbone Golem x2, Contagion T7 x2, Darkforge Dwarf x2 3 No (3)
Attack from Below Engorged Imp x2, Engorged Imp T5 x2, Demonic Wedgie T7 x2, Burning Imp T5 x4, Corpse Candle x2, Dragonspawn Imp x3, Scepter of Command x2, Badial, Badial T6, Bevus, Bevus T6, Balor x2, Magma Blast T6 x2 4 500 Experience, 2500 Silver No (3)

Quotes in the campaignEdit

Through the LinesEdit

Soldiers scurried through the camp, striking tents and preparing to break through the Orcish lines. Gallis stood at the head of a string of mules, scrathing one behind the ears. "What are we packing all this up for, anyway?"

"The Lord General thinks he will find allies in the Deshir mountains," Isidore told him. "Someone a little more reliable than the princess's pet dragons."

"We're in for it again, aren't we?"

"That we are, Gallis, that we are."


The howls from the pursuit rang out behind the humans. They had been chased by orc before, but none of them were ready for the shrieks from above.

Into the MountainsEdit

"Captain, the mules are balking again."

Isidore snorted. "Can't say I blame them. The path can't get much more worse than this."

Then they heard the rumbling from above.

Lady RaivenEdit

"The forward scouts are reporting some kind of fort ahead! Do we try it?"

Pozak peered into the rain and lightning. "Whoever lives on a peaklike this can't be up to any good," he shouted, "But we can't survive in this storm!"

They forged onwards, and hoped for the best.

Spider TunnelsEdit

"So how many spiders do you think it takes to make all these webs?"

"I think we're goingto find out."

Note: Arachnophobia is the phenomenon for fearing spiders. It indicates spiders in general.

Warning ShotEdit

"Stop right there!"

Pozak raised his hands. "We come in peace, seeking the people of mountains."

"You've found them," Lightning shattered the stone besides Pozak. "Now begone!"


Once the misunderstanding was resolved, Pozak and Denlor got down to business.

"I have journeyed the outworld more than my fellows," Delnor said. "I know of these threats. I believe my prople can be persuaded by them."

A guttural voice shouted, "Lies! The Darkforge clan will not be led down this path!"

Gallis murmured to Isidore, "Looks like we're not the only ones making new friends."

Driven Before ThemEdit

As the Darkforge clan warriors scattered, a gowling rose up through the caverns below.

"Something's been stirred up," Delnor said, "and it's coming this way."

Dead RisingEdit

"The tombs are opening!" a warrior shouted. "The corpses are climbing out." Delnor glanced at Pozak, and asked "Do all yur allies get to lead such interesting days?"

Attack from BelowEdit

A drumming noise filled the air, and terrified imps flooded into the chamber.

The word passed almost instantly from imp to dwarf to man, and all trembled.



Gallis heard a thump behind him. Looking back, he saw a dead imp and a dwarf with a heavy staff. "Thanks" he said.

The dwarf said, "It is I who thank you. Our lore foretold this day. Fortune's wheel turns. Now we take out world back."

"I don't know aboyut riding fortune's wheel" Gallis said, "but anything's better than those mules!"

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