Nalinai Poisonblade

Card lg set2 nalinai lightblade r

Squad Role
5, 1, 0
6 (legendary), 8 (uncommon)
2, 5
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Reclusive to a fault, Nalinai is rarely seen outside the deepest heart of the forest.

Even as the flames leapt through the trees, Nalinai refused to flee. Did he find some refuge before the fire overcame the Forest?



"Which is worse, the orcs or the Abtu-Kahn? I say it's time to negotiate."

"Look at this toad. A few drops collected from its back can stop your heart. Life is such a fragile thing."

Stats and RaritiesEdit

Nalinai Poisionblade has two versions: Uncommon (Tier 3) and Legendary (Tier 6).