Animation demoralize
point is indicated as a player's health, not health of any unit. The warstorm game can be won by decreasing morale point of opponent to zero, and is still a very popular way in practice. Once morale point is reduded to 0, the game will end after every sub-cycle in battle cycle. A spell which caused morale point to zero, will still allow the first unit to heal itself, for example.

Similar to other card games, Morale point act as lifepoint and is very valuable. Several abilities in the game are able to directly alter the morale point of either side, but the main way is use units to attack empty spaces in opponent's field, as it gives direct damage to opponent morale.

If no team is able to kill any of the units for consecutive 38 turns, the morale point will deduct from each side from 1 at increment of 1.

Initial morale point increases with more squads in play.

  • 1 squad each side - 20 morale points
  • 2 squads - 25 points
  • 3 squads - 30 points
  • 4 squads - 35 points

List of methods to affect morale points:

  • Unit attacking empty space of enemy field - deduct current attack value from opposing morale points
  • Lose morale x - deduct x from player morale points
  • Gain morale x - add x to player morale points
  • Demoralize x - deduct x from opposing morale points, every turn.

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