The Monster Pack Release on Facebook was an major update released to Facebook Warstorm on 26 October, 2010. It covered a variety of new issues: Introducing monster pack cards and new abilities into the game, celebration activities, and some minor updates and amendments.

Released cardsEdit

For a list of cards see here: Monsters Expansion Pack.

Pyre DrakeEdit

Pyre Drake is a demon beast card that is exclusive to Facebook, released on the same day as the update. It was featured as limited time Free gift of the day and a major card in the barbarian invasions.

Demon BarbariansEdit

During 26 November to 2 November, all the barbarians were changed to demon squads. Players were required to win 3,000,000 battles against them in the period in order to get a Dragon Scepter T6. All squads feature as least one Pyke Drake, and are composed of Demons cards excluding Monster Pack Expansion cards (that is, no new cards in squads except the drake) The event was sucessful and al players participating the event received the scepter.

On November 2, 2010, the vampire squads seeped into the demon barbarians as hidden slots. It was fixed on the next day and appear as undead squads from now on, counting as a new type of squad. It is composed of Lady Raiven, Vampire, Vampire Spawn x2, Spider Swarm x2, and Mist Form.

Pyre drake is now randomly situated among normal demon squads in barbarians.

Free Gift RevampEdit

The free gift section featured Pyre Drake and one card, after the event they were replaced by two slots: one slot that changes according to player logging time, and one "random" slot which changes between Mystery Card - a random card, 200 silver or 1 Warstorm cash.

Game RebalanceEdit

A part of cards that are considered too weak are strengthened. Too strong cards were not changed.

The list is as below:

Card Name Before update After update
War Brew Frenzy Health Plus 2, Frenzy
Amulet of Health Health Plus 3 Health Plus 4
Dawnward Sextant Reclaim Health Plus 2, Reclaim
Cursed Medallion Death Aura Attack Plus 2, Death Aura
Deadly Poniard Retaliate 3 Attack Plus 2, Retaliate 2
Putrid Dagger Attack Plus 1, Disease Attack Plus 2, Disease
  • Burning Orb, although being changed in stat, was not done during this update.
  • Anvil was updated on 5 November, 2010.

Other ChangesEdit

The typing error of Aanglor and Aanden has been fixed. This means the names of the cards are called Anden and Anglor respectively, however those cards at the free gifts have not been updated.

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