Lord General Pozak

Lord General Pozak v3

Squad Role
6, 0, 0
8 (Legendary), 10 (Uncommon)
3, 8
Released on


The first and only Estian general in the Anglor Expeditionary Force, Pozak is respected by both occupier and occupied.




The very basic hero unit. Has high attack and health value, but a fairly high ready value and is weak compared to many heroes.


Lord General Pozak is the starting Hero for the Humans in, if you select them as part of the registration process.

In Facebook warstorm, it is given as the starter card of all players, and cannot be traded. It is possible to obtain more of the same card with Novice Packs.

There exists three kinds of the card with same name:

  • Old image (shown on the right), 5 units and 1 artifact
  • Old image, 6 units
  • New image, 6 units (Ready value is also increased)

The first version was available before renewal of card packs, and both versions with old graphics are discontinued.

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