Light Priestess Enyi

Light Priestess Enyi T3

Squad Role
6, 0, 0
8 (legendary), 10 (uncommon)
2, 5
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Light Priestess Enyi is an elven hero and healer priestess. In the beginning of the war, Enyi led an army into a Abtu Kahn Temple to negotiate an alliance with the Abtu Kahn, but was ambushed there. She managed to escape and, together with Lord General Pozak, they destroyed the Abtu Kahn Temple and defeated the Abtu Kahn army. During the Estian Rebellion led by Darius the Cur, Varu Blackrobe and Zarin Boltcaller, Enyi and Pozak successfully defeated them and the Abtu Kahn Grand Army at Grosven Square.

Partnered abilitiesEdit

  • Heal - Multiple healing create a defense line
  • Block - Further reduces damage of ally
  • Immune - Protects against ability damage


  • Sap - she has medium attack rating
  • High attack rating - she will easily die


A basic healing ability. Enough to protect a strong unit for considerably long time.


As the spiritual leader of the Elves, Enyi feels the pain of exile and separation from her kin more than most.


"Without Landen Hawkeye, we could not fight. But without Priestess Enyi, we would not live." -- Ilantro


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