Mission listEdit

Mission Name Enemies Squad(s) Rewards


(cards left)

A Providence In Chaos

Aanglor Warmaiden R4 x6, Hired Brute R10 x2, Lord Darius R10 x2

Helm of Absorption R10 x2, Aanglor Legionnaire R6 x2

2 300 Experience, 250 silver Yes
Deadly Reflection Spellbinder Batu R8 x2, Mirror Contraption R4 x4, Polished Golem R8 x4, Resurrect R8 x4 Yes
Masters of Magic Necromacy, Abtu-Kahn Acolyte x8, Antimagic Storm, Catii the Reanimator x2, Ball Lightning, Contagion Yes
Pushed to the Limit Faithful Silverback x4, Beacon of Light x2, Faithful Healer x4, Poison Cloud x2, Enyi on the Brink x2 Yes
Driven by Fear Flame Dancer x4, Frostburn Imp x4, Gold x4, Bevus x2 Yes
Strange Alliances Aseti Book of Fire x3, Burning Imp x4, Magma Blast, Bithkin, Burning Warrior x4, Princess Katrina Yes
Elven Entanglements Invigorate x2, Gwyn Lightbringer, Paladin of Light x4, Aanden Warden x2, Aanden Maceman x2, Estian Warrior x2, Lord General Pozak Yes
Whistling Blades Banuur Blademaster x4, Estian Warrior x2, Aanglor Veteran x2, Bobenlik, Estian Battle Cleric x2, Champion, Adamans Firehand, Amulet of Health Yes
Hammering Fists Levitate, Vistav Trollget x5, Khronan Rum x2, Hellfire Warrior x4, Agmog the Firelord, Gorfang Trollget Yes
Mystical Tutors Warwolf x4, Field of Spears x2, Wall of Souls x4, Abtu-Kahn Acolyte x2, Melgor the Vicious, Argol the Risen Yes
Zapanimation Hired Healer, Weaken x2, Spellbinder Batu, Varu Blackrobe, Iron Maiden x2, Wretched Assassin x3, Touch of Life x2, Blade Golem x2 Yes
A Poisonous Physick Corrupted Healer x4, Hired Assassin x3, Nalinai Demonfriend, Lord Yauba, Faithful Healer x2, Battle Standard x2, Poison Sigil Yes
Imps Gone Wild Distracting Imp x3, Blizzard x2, Nightwing Imp, Badial, Bevus, Engorged Imp x2, Aseti Book of Fire, Treasure Chest, Frostburn Imp, Dragonspawn Imp Yes
Sneaky Walls Hired Bully x3, Troll Blood Vial x2, Arugi the Digger, Blade Barrier x4, Potion of Rage x2, Princess Katrina No (1)
Firing Squads Hired Archer x3, Shield Rider x3, Unicorn Maiden x2, Faithful Archer x2, Lightning Sigil x2, Aradaan Silverhair, Landen Hawkeye Yes
Burning Fiery Red Hatchling x2, Red Drake, Red Dragon, Raganash, White Dragon, White Dragon R10, Cirrusaliosa, Charge x2, Banuur Blademaster x2, Burning Warrior x2 Yes
Air Cavalry Pegasus Rider x4, Knight-Captain Alric, Horsebarn x4, Arlen Silver Knight, Plague Sigil, Aanglor Lancer x2, Timeshift Yes
Fire and Brimstone Mercenary Captain, Cinder Troll x3, Sigil of Agomg x2, Hellfire Warrior x2, Melgor Triumphant, Hired Healer x2, Impish Diplomat, Agmog the Firelord Yes
Mercenary Assault Faithful Healer x2, Beacon of Light, Earthworks x3, Paladin of Light x2, Mithril Shield, Lord Darius, Blade Mage x3, Enyi on the Brink Yes
The Final Siege Orcish Firecracker x2, Corpse Catapult x2, Vision of Yauba x4, Yauba Ascendant, Corpse Candle, Apocalypse x2, Skoreg Exiled 300 Experience, 1250 Silver No (2)

Note: The Final Siege is consisted of two demon squads, but the preview showed one orc squad. Note: The quotes from the campaign are only simple instructions and not eligible to confine the culture of the Warstorm world. The following statements are not direct quotes from the game and is altered according to the cards inside the squads of certain mission.

Summary of Lead a Mighty HostEdit

A Providence In ChaosEdit

Darius lurked in an territory, ruling it and calling himself a lord. He hired a number of soldiers and as such the morale of the army is not good.

Deadly ReflectionEdit

The undeads are developing measures against the human and elf spellcasters, leaded by Batu. He has developed battling units which can reflect magic spell energies, both animated and inanimated ones. He himself has also gained much knowledge abut magic.

Masters of MagicEdit

Catii has discovered that by draining lifeforce from other beings, the undead power can be retained. He has also practiced to restore the energy of his undead troops.

Pushed to the LimitEdit

Enyi and her team have become exhausted saving the elves, using all their forces in exchange of their life energies.

Driven by FearEdit

The mercenary captains are harsh, and drive their men to limits. They are strong but may be prone to morale threats. Bevus has attracted a group of Frostburn Imps and Flame Dancers with a large pile of gold.

Strange AlliancesEdit

Princess Katrina has formed a strange alliance with Bithkin. As a result the two Aseti Books of Fire are brought together, also the warriors of Katrina are taught to surround flame around themselves for battle. Bithkin has been well fed when it is staying with her as well.

Elven EntanglementsEdit

Lord General Pozak has become allies with the Elves, one of the most noticed is Gwyn the Lightbringer. His armies have learned the arts of healing from the elves, since most of them are female and have blocking abilities, they are probably trained and promoted from the Warmaidens.

Whistling bladesEdit

Bobenlik has its armies studied from Kulnar to learn the whirlwind technique, however it is unknown why he would team with Adamans Firehand in battle.

Hammering FistsEdit

The hellfire warriors are governed by Agmog and becomes stronger when partnered with orcs.

Mystical TutorsEdit

The Warwolves in the orc area are affected by undead magic, and since then they stay with Melgor, rather being whipped by him.


Varu has hired a number of assassins and healer to assist his tower, while Batu finished some new battle units, like the iron maiden and blade golem.

A Poisonous PhysickEdit

Nalinai has teamed with Lord Yauba and brought a number of mercenary troops to the elves.

Imps Gone WildEdit

Imps have gone more organized in infesting the landscape. The infamous Badial and Bevus have a lot of treasure to attract many of them.

Sneaky WallsEdit

(No revelant information)

Firing SquadsEdit

(No revelant information)

Burning FieryEdit

(No revelant information)

Air CavalryEdit

The Elite cavalry force of the Estian Empire is leaded by Arlen the Silver Knight and Alric the Kinght Captain. Arlen usually charges the whole army for assault. The force includes but is not limited to pegasus riders and Aanglor lancers. Several horsebarns are situated in the empire for quick attacks to be organized.

Fire and BrimstoneEdit

After Melgor has taken over the orcs, he has also gained interest in demon arts. He has let some of the trolls to live in the demon areas, and Agmog in return lent some warriors among the orcs. The communication is mainly assisted by Imp diplomats.

Mercenary AssaultEdit

(Not confirmed) If Enyi is on last stand and Lord Darius decided to help, the group of troops will hide behind giant networks of Earth, making a sturdy fort while using whirlwind and minor zap to slash around enemies. Lord Darius would come out in the right moment and deal fatal blows to enemies nearby, possibly making enemies feared and retreat at the end.

The Final SiegeEdit

Yauba Ascendent is known for his fearful appearance, usage of morale damaging skills including telekinetic sight, corpse throwing at enemies, destruction skills and commanding power.

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