"Hero" in card typeEdit

The leading card in a squad acts only as a hero in a squad, but does not nessesary mean it has type of hero. However, all troop, spell and unit cards cannot have card type of hero.

Heroes benefit from their special Command Hero ability by Princess Katrina, and Protect Hero Ability from Sarah. Also there is no current cards that have Hero Slayer abilities. However, as an independant type of cards, they cannot benefit from plenty of abilities, and they are still prone to Faction Slayer abilities.

A good example of Squad Hero without Card Type Hero, is Aradaan Silverhair. He is vital in an immensive archer deck, and Treehold can protect him as he is an archer in card type. That also means he is weak against Trample ability units.

List of Heros in card typeEdit





List of cards that are heroes in squad but are not heroes in typeEdit



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