Heal is an ability that the unit increases one of the units with lowest health which is damaged, by X, during the battle cycle before attacking.. It benefits player side units and immune is not counted. Heal X value is always nullified if the healed unit is wounded, however, it will not provoke the healer to heal another unit. Healers will not heal unwounded unit in priority than wounded units, that is, if two damaged units with same health and only one of them being wounded is presented, both of them have 50% chance to be healed. Also, if the unit(s) with lowest health is (all) wounded the healer would still try to heal the wounded unit.

Heal can be used onto the caster itself, but heal would not have more or less priority on the caster, the caster is recalled as one of the normal units in play. It will not even increase priority if some units are going to die, due to burning, poison or potential death like retaliate.

Heal, Heal is a repeated ability. It will result in either Heal 2 or Heal 1: Two Targets. The second heal is checked with the new value of current health, that is, if one unit with 4 health and another unit with 4 health, the healer will heal both of them as after the first heal one of them must have 5 health. However if one of the units is wounded, if she heals the wounded first, the second heal will have 50% chance on the wounded (4 health VS 4 health) but healing the unwounded first will always cause changing target (5 health VS 4 health)

Heal is active ability before attack, that is it will be performed unless the unit is frozen, trapped, or killed by explosion.

List of cards with HealEdit






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