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Squad Role
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unit, artifact, spell
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attack, health
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Gorfang Trollkin is a highly respected orc general. During the beginning of the war, Gorfang was issued with the task of guarding the Orc Alliance Camp after the defeat of Melgor the Vicious. Things took a turn for the worse when Gorfang's massive army was beaten by Lord General Pozak's army. Gorfang retreated in time and later participated in the Red Tide assault against Pozak, but was defeated in the end. He managed to retreat in time, fortunately. Gorfang appeared again when he was one of the orc generals tasked with guarding the Orc supply train. He was defeated by Grovemaster Dyrbral and his wardens.

Gorfang wields a large axe and has numerous Red Tide followers. Along with Grovemaster Dyrbral, he is a squad in the uncommon challenge.

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