Gain Morale is an ability that causes the Morale point of the artifact, spell or unit's side to increase by X. Artifacts will cause the effect to be performed at the start of the battle cycle for the unit, while the unit ability performs just after that. Spells, once performs Gain Morale, will go to graveyard. (and animated might work if available) The morale point cannot get over the initial amount with this ability, but the animation will still be shown if the point is already full. As the ability is activating onto the morale points, it cannot be blocked by any means except using freezing or trapping the unit. Spells with Gain Morale are totally unavoidable, except with usage of Sabotage. (which the chance is still very low)

The animation of Gain Morale is a red flash appearing above the morale ba, in the same time the morale point is increased.

List of cards with Gain MoraleEdit







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