Free Your Neighbors is the third free campaign being able to be accessed to enter the world of Warstorm. A continued series of advanced abilities are taught, as with a collection of useful card are given to players. There are totally 10 missions in the campaign. Completing the campaign gains a territory that gives 100 silver per day.
The territory gained from completing this campaign is named Karst.

Mission ListEdit

Mission Name Enemies Squad(s) Rewards
A Call for Help Distracting Imp x4 1 300 Experience, 250 Silver Distracting Imp
Death on the Wing Nightwing Imp x4 Nightwing Imp
The Frozen Forest Iceling x6 Iceling
Rampaging Imps Engorged Imp x5
Burning Houses Burning Imp x5 Burning Imp
Ghosts at the Well Whispering Ghost x4 Whispering Ghost
Strange Gods Abtu-Kahn Worshipper x6 Abtu-Kahn Worshipper
A Plague of Rats Pestilienece Rat x6 Pestilience Rat
Dead Rising Severed Hands x6 Severed Hands
Furious Spirits Mist Stalker x4 300 Experience, 750 Silver Mist Stalker

Summary on Free Yor NeighborsEdit

Karst was a haunted town where imps and undead creatures lurked in.

The Estian army cleared away a number of imps which were running around the town, and shot down some Nightwing imps which attacked from the sky.

The landscape of Karst had been badly damaged by those imps, which the army unfroze a forest the imp resided, and bursted some imps near the houses which were ignited.

After rescueing the people in houses, the army came to the wishing well to deal with ghosts haunting there.

A group of Abtu-Kahn worshippers were found to worship their gods, which were then shooed as well.

To provide safe enviroment for residents of Karst, the army searched and killed most of the rats roaming across the town, and animated hands harassing the town.

At last when the army felt the town was safe, the wandering spirits returned in mist forms and attacked the town, but were finally dispelled by the army.

The people of Karst felt grateful for the effort by the army and promised to be a part of the Estian Empire.

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