Animation burn flame

The attacker to the flaming unit would take 1 damage at the end of battle cycle, as result of gaining burning status.

Any enemy that attacks or is attacked by a unit with Flaming gains the burning status, taking 1 damage at the end of its turn. The status can not be inflicted upon immune enemies, but it can inflict enemies using Whirlwind to attack the unit. If the attack of flaming unit is totally blocked and no damage is resulted, flaming will not be inflicted. It is unknown if the flaming unit totally blocks an attack will prevent burning from infested.

List of cards with FlamingEdit

Animation burning2

The flaming unit can inflict burning status, but not immediately causing that extra damage.


  • None


  • None


  • Hellfire Mage
  • Grassfire
  • Fireshroud Cultist


  • Patch Warrior
  • Skull Rider


  • Agmog the Firelord
  • Crown of Flames
  • Firemane Demon
  • Flaming Behemoth
  • Bithkin
  • Pyre Drake
  • Red Drake
  • Red Hatchling
  • Burning Imp
  • Flame Dancer
  • Smoldering Tar Pit