Fall of the Alliance is a purchased campaign in Warstorm. There are 20 missions, each awarding 2500 silver. Completing the campaign grants an extra 10000 silver, a silver mine territory which generates 200 silver per day, and the card Flame Sigil. As of October 5th, 2010, it costs 20 Warstorm cash to play through Fall of the Alliance, and 20 Warstorm cash to replay it as well.

Mission ListEdit

Mission Name

Enemies Squad(s) Rewards Completed (cards left)
Lord Darius Lord Darius x2, Estian Partisan T7 x2, Hired Bully x3, Wall of Spears x2, Gold, Flame Sigil, Mercenary Captain, Estian Battle Cleric T6, Mercenary Sergeant 2 500 Experience, 2500 Silver Yes
The Golem Experiment Polished Golem x3, Clockwork Golem x3, Plague Sigil, Mobilize, Mirror Contraption x3, Argol the Risen, Ririk Dark Champion, 2 No (1)
The Summoned Squad Red Summoner T6 x2, Apocalypse T7, Faraz the Summoner, Silver Summoner, Green Summoner x2 1 Yes
The Summoner Army Grey Summoner T7 x2, Blizzard, Silver Summoner T6 x2, Blue Summoner x3, Red Summoner T6, Apocalypse, Faraz the Summoner T7 x3, Green Summoner x2, 3 No (6)
Elvish Traps Firetrap, Firetrap T5 x2, Silvintri Boltmage x3, Deadfall x2, Deadfall T5 x2, Gwyn Lightbringer T7, Choking Cloud x2, Landen Hawkeye, Blazing Sunsword, 4 No (13)
Monkey Assault Faithful Silverback T5 x8, Ball Lightning T7 x6, Anden Maceman T5 x4, Lysandri Axecaster T7, Wildcaller Bearsong T7 x2, 3 Yes
Enyi and Pozak Paladin of Light T6 x4, Choking Cloud T6, Blade Mage T6 x2, Enyi on the Brink, Pozak at Bay, Faithful Healer x2, Codex Tempest T6, 2 No (2)
Skoreg Red Tide Spearman T6 x3, Skoreg Exiled T7, Potion of Rage T5, Orcish Firecracker x2 1 Yes
Warpigz! Warpig x8, Ring of Flight x2, Lord Darius T7 x2, Anglor Legionnaire T6 x2 2 Yes
The Pride of Anglor Heavy Cavalry T7 x5, Pegasus Rider T6 x2, Horsebarn T6 x3, Aseti Book of Fire T6 x2, Knight-Captain Alric T6, Anglor Lancer T5 x2 4 No (13)
Grassfire Red Tide Ambusher x3, Red Tide Spearman x4, Atrocity, Khronan Rum, Grassfire x2, Dragonslayer's Sword, Jorja, Grymish the Mad T7 2 Yes
The Dragn Wanglers Slavedraiver Gargurl x2, Red Tide Taskmaster x2, Deshir Hatchling x3, Battle Standard, Vistav Trollget x3, Rebellious Drake x3, 2 Yes (13 cards)
The Clattering Bones Crackbone Golem x3, Polished Golem T6 x3, Dragonbone Rider T6, Poison Sigil x2, Arugi the Digger T7 x2, Corpse Candle, Book of Faces, Bone Horror 3 No (7)
Seekers Blade Golem T7 x4, Lightning Sigil x2, Arugi the Digger T7, Earthworks T5 x4, Ball Lightning T7 x2, Varu Blackrobe T7, 2 Yes
Orcs on the Doorstep Corpse Catapult x5, Skoreg Axe Lord T6, Red Tide Brute T5 x3, Deshir Drake, Rebellious Drake, Atrocity, 4 No (16)
The Fiendish Alliance Burning Warrior T5 x3, Impish Diplomat x2, Charge x2, Melgor Triumphant, Hellfire Warrior T6 x2, Azuba the Deathlord T7 x2, Cinder Troll, Sigil of Azuba T7, Mobilize, 4 No (13)
Lord Yauba's Court

Firemane Demon T7 x3, Blizzard x2, Silver Summoner x4, Shadowtail Demon T6 x2, Nightwing Imp T5 x3, Yauba Ascendant T7, Azuba the Deathlord T7, Sigil of Azuba, Agmog the Firelord T7, Faraz the Summoner T7,

4 No (9)
The Nightmares Sigil of Agmog x4, Vision of Yauba T7 x4, Red Hatchling T5 x2, Red Summoner T6 x2, Nightmare x2, Nightmare T7 x2, Raganash T7, Agmog the Firelord T7, 3 No (2)
Yauba in Pursuit Courtier Imp x2, Hound of Yauba x2, Hound of Yauba T7, Magma Blast T6 x3, Banur Blademaster T6 x4, Battle Standard T6 x2, Burning Warrior x3, Kulnar Demonfriend T7, Charge x2, Yauba Ascendant T7 x2, Flame Dancer x2, 4 No (18) (Total 6 squads)
The Fallen Sigil of Agmog T6, Touch of Life T7 x2, Cultist of Aradaan T5 x2, Steam Mage T7, Liege of Aradaan T7 x4, Corrupted Healer T6 x4, Enyi on the Brink T7, Nalinai Demonfriend, 3 500 Experience, 12500 Silver No (5)

Quotes in the campaignEdit

Lord DariusEdit

"Looks like Darius is on the move again."

Pozak looked up from his maps. Enyi was surprised to see the shadows under his eyes.

"He's calling himself a lord these days," Pozak continued. "I thought I might lead an expedition out, take him down a few pegs."

Enyi nodded. "I have some business in that direction myself. Perhaps we can travel together?"

The Golem ExperimentEdit

Pozak asked, "We've come a long way from the front, Priestess. Why?"

"Princess Katrina has done a great deal for us with her... unusual... recruits. Her example led me back to some of the older books of our people, and I've found something hat may help."

"A weapon?"

"Perhaps," Enyi said. She looked down the hillside. "But there will be obstables in the way."

Pozak followed her gaze. "We can remove them."

The Summoner SquadEdit

"Who in the Cur's thrice-damned name are those?" Gallis asked.

Isidore shrugged. "Just a bunch of those summoners, right?"

"No, there's something different about them. And they seem to be going somewhere in a hurry."

Isidore leapt on his horse and whistled to the men. "Let's find out!"

"Shouldn't we be wating for Lord Pozak? Isidore! Isidore!"

The Summoner ArmyEdit

The men pursued the summoners into a cave, then stopped short at the army before them.

"I think we just bit off more than we can chew," said Gallis.

One of the demons turned, lightning cracking in its hands. "We had hoped to complete our plans undetected," it said.

"Did you know they could talk, Isidore?" Gallis said. "I didn't know they could talk."

"It is unfortunate that you have discovered us now. Unfortunate for you."

Elvish TrapsEdit

Melgor was not pleased.

If he were leader, the Red Tide Orcs would have slaughtered the humans and elves by now, but the early gains of the war had been lost to the demons. Now Skoreg was talking about making an alliance with the humans!

Not if Melgor has anything to say about it.

"In there," he snarled at his beastslavers. "We know the elves are in there. Root them out."

"Kill them all."

Monkey AssaultEdit

Melgor smiled to himself. Fire and death, that was more like it!

He saw ancient eyes peering out at him from the next stand of trees and pointed his orcs at them. They rushed in with a cheer, (like) dogs slipped off the leash.

He crushed a skull under his boot, imagining that it was Skoreg's "Soon," he whispered to the skull. "Soon it will be."

Enyi and PozakEdit

Melgor frowned. A party of humans and elves were making their way through the grasslands. What were they doing there?

No matter. He'd send them running. This would be his domain soon, and he wanted it free of vermin.


"Skoreg!" Melgor Roared.

The orc leader stepped forward. "I have led the Red Tide for many years," he said. "I have led well. You dare challenge me?"

"I dare," Melgor said. "Look around! Others burn to fight and kill!" You seek peace! You are weak! I am strong! Join me if you want to be strong."

As Skoreg glared, the orcs shuffled away from him. "I still have allies," the old leader said.

"Not for long."


Far away, Isidore and Gallis were experimenting a triumph of their own.

"We have him cornered!" Isidore crowed. "Holed up in a farmhouse! There's no way Darius is getting away this time!"

"I don't know," Gallis said. "He's been pretty resourceful before."

"Not this time!" Isidore said. "Wait, there's movement in the barnyard... do I hear squeals?"

"What in the Light's name?"

"Oh, you have got to be kidding..."

The Pride of AnglorEdit

Melgor grinned at the army drawn up before him. This was what he had been waiting for.

An imp ran up to him and bowed. "Her ladyship Faraz greets you and wishes you well," it squeaked. Melgor took a lazy swipe at it, but it scampered out of the way.

"We hope you have found the terms of the agreements satisfactory," it continued. "We congratulate on your triumphs, and look forward to building a new world together."

Melgor shrugged. "Tell the summoner I'll keep up my end."


Enyi stopped to peer at the ancient map. "You've never been interested in weapons," Pozak observed. "Why hunt for one now?"

"My people are on the edge," said the priestess. "The faithful cling to the Light, but every day a few more slip off to Aradaan and the demons." She tried to smile. "We need one of those big wins you like so much."

"And this weapon is here on the plains?"

"Beyond." she said. "On the other side of that approaching fire."

The Dragon WranglersEdit

There was a low boom up ahead, and a roar. Before long, Pozak's advance scout came running back with news.

"Orcish beastslavers," he reported. "and it looks like they've been having trouble with their drakes!"

Pozak grinned. "I'd heard that's been happening," he said. "Let's go and help."

Enyi was aghast. "Help the orcs?"

"No, I thought we'd help liberate the drakes."

The Clattering BonesEdit

As they reached the edge of the plains, they found the trail of others following the same path. It didn't take long to catch up.

"Looks like Arugi is up to his old tricks," Pozak grumbed.

Enyi said, "He may be looking for the same thing we are. We can't let him get to it first."


"You're cornered," Pozak called out. "Come out, and we'll talk this over."

The answer was a bolt of lightning.

Pozak said, "We can do it that way too."

Orcs on the DoorstepEdit

"That's it," Enyi said, as she removed a small box from a hidden cache. "The information we got from Arugi led us right to the sigils."

Pozak said, "I'm glad you found it, but I have two questions. First, what is so important about these sigils?"

"They could be the key to banishing the demons forever," Enyi said. "What's the second question?"

"How are we going to get out of this cave, and past the orc army that just camped on the front door?

The Fiendish AllianceEdit

Pozak surveyed the wasteland. "Looks like the orcs have a new alliance."

"Orcs, demons and humans," Enyi said. She whispered to herself, "I knew the orcs would be useless for this."

"What was that?" Pozak asked.

"Nothing. Are we going around or through?"

"No point going around," Pozak said. "Besides, we haven't risked our lives since sunrise.

Lord Yauba's CourtEdit

Enyi distributed the sigils, and explained the ritual. They made their awy to Yauba's camp, and began the chant.


Pozak asked, "What's wrong?"

"I don't know!" Enyi cried, but there was something in her eyes that made Pozak to wonder.

"We have to try again," she said. Pozak looked at the demons boiling out of the camp and shook his head.

"No, Enyi. We have to go. Now."

The NightmaresEdit

"Enyi, what happened back there?"

The priestess looked up, and Pozak was shocked to see tears in her eyes. "I thought we could do it without them," she said. "I was wrong."

"Without who?" Pozak asked. "What is going on?"

"It's useless, Pozak. The orcs are allied with the demons, and the banishment won't work... what do we do now?"

Pozak looked up at the burning silhouettes spiraling down from above. "For now? We try to stay alive."

Yauba in PursuitEdit

Everywhere they fled, it seemed like there were more demons waiting for them. Pozak moved them along as best as he could, but Enyi moved as if she was in a trance.

"It's too much," she would mutter to herself, "it's too much."

The FallenEdit

They saw Nalinai's forces, and thought the ordeal was over. Then they saw the demons beside him.

Pozak drew his sword, then saw the Light Priestess walking towards the demons.


She turned back, flames burning in her eyes. "No, Lord General," she said. "He's right. Go while you can. Go before more blood is spilled."

Pozak shook his head and fought.

The Alliance FallenEdit

The lady walked in the garden of her mind, turning possibilities over like pretty stones.

Arugi had played his part, and Enyi had taken the bait. The lady had known she would not reach out to the orcs -- and without their help, the banishment was doomed to fail. Noe the elves were hers, lost in despair, new pieces on the chess table. Pieces that would ultimately checkmate Yauba.

Faraz smiled to herself. Everything was going exactly according to plan.

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