Emissary to the Elves is a purchased campaign in Warstorm. There are 10 missions, each awarding 5000 silver. Completing the campaign grants an extra 10,000 silver, a silver mine territory which generates 200 silver per day, and the card Diadem of Light. As of October 5th, 2010, it costs 10 Warstorm cash to play through Emissary to the Elves campaign, and 10 Warstorm cash to replay it as well.

Mission ListEdit

Mission Name

Enemies Squad(s) Rewards Completed (cards left)
The Bone Harvesters Giant Bat R6 x4, Skeletal Marksman R8 x3, Abtu-Kahn Acolyte R8 x4, Resurrect R8 x2 2 500 Experience, 5000 Silver Yes
The Dragons' Graveyard Skeletal Marksman R8 x2, Abtu-Kahn Priest R12 x2, Bone Dragon R10 x4, Vostag the Diseased R6 x2, Battle Preparations R2 x2, Abtu-Kahn Acolyte R8 x2 2 Yes
The Red Tide Scouts Red Tide Brute R8 x4, Red Tide Beastslaver R4 x2, Red Tide Scout R6 x3, Deshir Drake R8 x2, Red Tide Shield R6 x2 2 Yes
The Warriors of the Waste Red Tide Taskmaster R8 x4, Red Tide Berserker R8 x3, Red Tide Brute R8 x5, Ular the Mighty R10 x2, Red Tide Scout R6 x3, Red Tide Blackblade R12 x3, 3 No (1)
Followers of a New God Firebomb Trap R2 x2, Red Tide Scout R6 x2, Red Tide Brute R8 x3, Gruesome Blade R4 x1, Vistav Trollget R8 x2, Vistav Mutant R8 x2, Vistav Shardbow R8 x2, 2 Yes
The Orcish Missionaries Red Tide Brute R8 x2, Red Tide Scout R6 x4, Vistav Iceblade R6 x3, Vistav Shardbow R8 x4, 2 Yes (13 cards)
The Vistav Cultists Red Tide Taskmaster R8 x3, Deshir Drake R6 x2, Red Tide Brute R8 x4, Vistav Shardbow R8 x3, Captive Snow Troll R8 x4, Ular the Mighty R8 x2, Bloodlust R14 x1, Skirm the Punisher R8 x1, Red Tide Shield R6 x1 3 Yes
The Hostile Warders Dangerous Path R4 x2, Wildcaller Bearsong R6 x1, Nature's Wrath R2 x2, Aanden Burrower R8 x2, Lysandri Axecaster R8 x1, Anden Maceman R6 x3, Anden Stormcaller R8 x3 2 Yes
The Vistav Assault Gorfang Trollkin R8 x2, Vistav Iceblade R8 x2, Captive Snow Troll R10 x2, Battle Preparations R2 x2, War Brew R6 x2, Vistav Shardbow R8 x2, Vistav Trollget R8 x2 2 Yes
The Savage Horde Red Tide Brute R8 x3, Vistav Mutant R8 x3, Skarg Bonesmasher R6 x1, Captive Snow Troll R10 x2, Vistav Snow Trapper R8 x1, Vistav Shardbow R8 x2, Vistav Iceblade R8 x2, Red Tide Shield R6 x2, Battle Wagon R8 x2, Vistav Trollget R8 x2, Sabotage R8 x1, Gorfang Trollkin R10 x2, 4 500 Experience, 15000 Silver No (5)

Quotes in the campaignEdit

The Bone HarvestersEdit

You are our best hope for survival against the orcish invasion. There are rumors of a lost kingdom of elves on the western coasts; you must find them and win their assistance. But the Abtu-Kahn are also on the move for their own purposes... MISSION: Destroy the Abtu-Kahn patrol.

The Dragons' GraveyardEdit

So that's what brings the Abtu-Kahn here! Huge dragon bones fill this cavern -- the priests are reassembling them and bringing them back to a horrid semblance of life.

MISSION: Return the dragons to their rest.

The Red Tide ScoutsEdit

Looking down the western slopes of the Deshir Mountains, you see a blasted plain dotted with war camps. Just crossing that plain will be difficult, and the orcs have scouts and sentries everywhere.

MISSION: Ambush the scouts.

The Warriors of the WasteEdit

You travel across the broken landscape, avoiding the camps. You are spotted by a group of warriors, though, and they seem determined to pursue you.

MISSION: Escape the pursuing warriors.

Followers of a New GodEdit

As you make your way through a canyon, you interrupt an unusual assembly of orcs. They're wearing robes, and seem to have been chanting.

MISSION: Disperse the chanting orcs.

The Orcish MissionariesEdit

A few days later, you encounter more of the robed orcs, arguing with another tribe about someone named "Grymish." Unfortunately, the orcs forget their differences when they see you.

MISSION: Fight off the missionaries.

The Vistav CultistsEdit

As you make your way across the plains, you see robed orcs moving from camp to camp. Sometimes they are welcomed. Then there's the group that finds you.

MISSION: Drive off the cultists.

The Hostile WardersEdit

Finally, the plains are behind you. You make your way into rolling hills, looking for elvish settlements. As you draw near to one, an arrow whizzes past your ear.

MISSION: Defend against the warder attack.

The Vistav AssaultEdit

After careful negotiation, you win the trust of the western elves. They are willing to create an alliance, but they need your help against the orcs on their own doorstep.

MISSION: Help the western elves.

The Savage HordeEdit

The first wave of Vistav was just the advance party. The main force is upon you for a final battle!

MISSION: Defeat the orcish horde!

The Emissary's SuccessEdit

With the defeat of the Vistav cultists, the western elves are safe for now. When you return to the Estian plains, the army you lead will be vital to turning around the fortunes of the humans and elves.

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