Disease is an ability that will inflict diseased status, causing Sap 1 and Protect -1 (Drop of 1 maximum health) to an unit that is successfully damaged by the unit with disease. Diseased status is applied before the attack damage is applied, however some complicated issues about disease will be explained below. The status will not stack. As it is dependant on normal attack, if the damage is completely blocked the status will not be inflicted.

Disease works in this style:

  1. The final damage is calculated but not applied.
  2. If final damage is not zero, inflict Disease first.
  3. If disease is able to kill the unit, flaming status and retaliate damage are unable to inflict the attacker.

Before 5 November, 2010, the retaliate damage would recoil to the attacker even when this case happened.

Disease also carries advantages over animated units. Animated units will get Sap 1 and Protect -1 if being animated, but not reclaimed, resurrected, unsummoned or reanimated. It is possible to get diseased again if the unit gets the animated decreased state, but the state will not stack if it is animated again after getting diseased more than once. For example, a Dark Horseman will get 0 attack and 4 health into play after getting disease, killed and animated. Getting second disease and killed agains will not get its stat to 3 health.Using the other four methods, will completely cure the disease.

List of cards with DiseaseEdit







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