Destroy Artifacts is an ability which causes all enemy artifacts in play to directly go to graveyard. As the effects of artifacts fade, it might be fatal to some equipped units. However, the ability cannot affect the artifacts with Immune ability or those equipped units with Immune. It also cannot kill the artifacts in reserve.

Effects of Destroy ArtifactsEdit

  • If the artifact with Health Plus is removed, the maximum health and current health are both removed with the same magnitude. Say, Amulet of Health would result in Health Plus -4 that kills any unit with current health 4 or lower.
  • If the artifact with Attack Plus is removed, the attack must be decreased as if Sap is applied with full effect. A Sword of Prowess will always result in Sap 3.
  • If the artifact with Command is removed, all associated units undergo full magnitude of Sap, just like removal of a command unit.
  • Protect artifacts act the same, since it is an sub-ability of Health Plus.
  • Give ability will not have its effect removed.

List of cards with Destroy ArtifactsEdit

All the cards with Destroy Artifacts are spell cards.

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