Demoralize is an ability that deals direct damage to opposing morale points in the battle cycle of an unit processing this ability. It has long been actively used by many of the players as a way to defeating opponent quickly. Several reasons account for this: The ease to obtain Demoralize cards as many of them are elves, and a general strength of these cards. (for example, all demoralizing cards in elves have minimum of 2 attack, while Vision of Yauba has flying)

Demoralize can bypass Immune and can only be prevented by freezing them or trapping them. Demoralize is able to push the opposing morale point to zero.

Enemy Attack MoraleEdit

An ability exclusive to Friend to Foe, this ability is similar to demoralize, in the magnitude of 2 points each enemy unit in play. However, the ability cannot bypass Immune, as such no Immune units are counted in the morale decrement.

List of cards with DemoralizeEdit







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