Darius the Cur is a human general. He betrayed Lord General Pozak and rebelled against him in the Estian Rebellion. He joined the Abtu Kahn together with mages Varu Blackrobe and Zarin Boltcaller. Together with the Abtu Kahn, Darius and the two mages were defeated at Grosven Square by Pozak and Light Priestess Enyi.

Darius the Cur leads a squad of Estian War Clerics, Estian Rangers and Estian Battlemages in The Estian Rebellion. He is also a free gift.

Darius the Cur

Darius The Cur

Squad Role
6, 0, 0
5, 1, 0
8 (Legendary)
10 (Uncommon)
2, 5
Released on
Novice Spoiler set (Both, Facebook)
Core Set (510,
Novice Set (600,
Both (600), (510)

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