Lord Yauba

Lord Yauba, a typical command card reinforcing fiends, which is also of his type.

gives Attack Plus to all other allied units of the specific type. The effect will stay until the card with command ability is removed from the play.

A Command ability has two parameters, namely card specification and magnitude.

Card specification indicates which type of cards are affected by the ability. If no parameter is present (as shown on Lord Yauba) it points to the same card type of troops and heroes as the commander. The parameter All indicates all units regardless of card specifications, can be benefited from the ability.

A list of Card Specification parameter:

Card Specification

With parameter

(not own spec.)

Without parameter

(spec. same as command spec.)

All Yauba Ascendant, Treasure Chest, Book of Faces N/A
Apparition N/A The Unnamed One
Archer N/A Aradaan Silverhair, Aradaan Flametongue
Barrier Treetop Ambusher N/A
Beast Gorfang Trollking N/A
Cavalry Lance of Faith Arlen Silver Knight
Dragon Grux the Dragonlord, Orb of Dragonkind Katrina Aloft
Dwarf N/A Delnor Giantkiller
Fiend Kulnar Demonfriend Lord Yauba
Hero N/A Princess Katrina
Imp N/A Badial, Bevus
Infantry N/A Grymish the Mad, Mercenary Captain
Summoner N/A Grey Summoner

The magnitude of the command, is similar to other skills. In Facebook without the magnitude or with magnitude 1, it means command ability can give 1 more attack to other cards. A command 2 gives +2 attack and command 3 gives +3 attack.

Currently the only card for command 2 is Grux the Warlord; and the only card for command 3 is Princess Katrina.