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A Campaign is a series of single-player missions that are played in sequence, and usually an Achievement Card is rewarded upon completion of the Campaign. there are two free Campaigns, and eight Premium Campaigns in Each Premium Campaign costs 60 Challenge Coins to buy, and each includes one faction pack of fourteen fixed cards, ten Expansion Packs awarded throughout the Campaign, one Achievement Card, and of course, the missions themselves.

Campaign Bundle ListEdit

Campaigns in FacebookEdit

The old campaigns were as follows:

Campaign name Number of Missions
Training 10
Abilities Training
Combo Training
The War Begins
The Undead Ultimatum
The Estian Rebellion
World in Flames 17

The new campaigns are as follows:

Campaign name Number of Missions
Save the Province 8
Recruit an Army 12
Free Your Neighbors 10
The War Begins 5
The Undead Ultimatum 7
The Estian Rebellion 10
World in Flames 17
Lead a Mighty Host 20
New Allies 10

The current purchased campaigns:

Campaign name Number of Missions
Emissary to the Elves 10
A Storm is Coming
March of the Abtu-Kahn
Dragon Rampage
The Orcish Invasion
Fall of the Alliance 20