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Bogar the Berserk

Bogar the Berserk

Squad Role
10, 12
Released on

Bogar the Berserk is an orc hero. He is a normal hero in many aspects, but in single squad is stronger than Lord general Pozak. He is only 2 ready after him but has 1 artifact to be used.

Partnered abilitiesEdit

  • Heal - Orc cards are lacking of heal abilities. Large squads would help Bogar get even more attack.
  • Regenerate - Very useful to Bogar as it directly defends excessive damage to him.
  • Protect hero and command hero - Exclusive to Sarah and Katrine. Both will cause Bogar to gain excessive strength before starting to berserk.
  • Health +x - Will prolong his life. Possibly doing more kills.
  • Attack +x - Similar to Health +x but shorter lived.


  • All ability damage - Berserk does not react to these.
  • Icebolt, Trap - Similar to ability damage.
  • Flying - Orcs generally do not have very strong anti-flying unit.

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