Attack Plus is an collection of abilities that cause the attack of an unit to increase. The negative term (decreasing attack) is recognized as Sap. Although having its own named ability (denoted as Attack +X) a very large number of abilities are including Attack Plus as part of whole of the properties. The additional attack for the units is always depleted last. It means if the effect is terminated before the unit gets 0 attack, the current attack of the unit must drop an amount equal to that Health Plus grants, and may be fatal.

However if multiple Attack Plus is acting on the unit and either of protector is killed, the health of the protected unit must drop as if the additional health of the other unit is used up first. It can be explained in a case of Aanglor Skirmisher under command of two Arlen Silver Knight. If it is sapped such that it got only 1 attack (compared to the usual 2 attack) and then either of Arlen got slayed, the Skirmisher must get to 0 attack.

List of abilities associating Health PlusEdit

Health Plus takes many forms:

  • Give Attack- Exclusive to Hammer, it causes Attack Plus 1 to a friendly unit other than self.
  • Health +X - Appears in artifacts and the spell Mobilize. Artifact effects will last until artifact departs from unit (by Destroy Artifact, unsummon or death of unit), while Mobilize effect will last until the unit is unsummoned or killed.
  • Command - All friendly units in specified faction or card type gain Attack Plus X. For details see Command.

List of cards with Attack PlusEdit







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