Artifacts are powerful and rare items in Warstorm. They are only available to Heroes that have them specified on their card layout. When their ready counter reaches zero, if there is a suitable Troop is available, it is automatically and immediately equipped. "Suitable" means that there is a Troop on the battle line that does not already have an Artifact equipped.

If there is no suitable Troop to deploy to, Artifacts are placed on the side of the battle line, awaiting one to become available. When a Troop does become available, the first Artifact (if there are multiple awaiting suitable Troops) is immediately equipped to the Troop.

If a Troop with an Artifact is destroyed, the Artifact is sent to the graveyard with the Troop. If the Troop is Reanimated, however, the Artifact does not return to play or the staging area with the Troop.

Artifacts are never awarded as part of Basic packs, although they are encountered as part of the single player campaign.

List of ArtifactsEdit

Artifact Rarity Ready Abilities
Amulet Of Health 2 (Common)2Health +4
5 (Epic)0
Aseti Book Of Fire 3 (Uncommon)6Blast 1
6 (Legendary)4
Cask Of Celebration 4 (Rare)4Health +2
Heal +2
7 (Fabled)2
Chalice Of Healing 2 (Common)2Health +1
Regenerate +1
5 (Epic)0
Codex Tempest 3 (Uncommon)6Zap 3
6 (Legendary)4
Conquerer's Axe 4 (Rare)6Attack +2
Block 1
4 (Rare)4
Diadem Of Light 4 (Rare)4Heal 2
Heal 2
4 (Rare)2
Gruesome Blade 3 (Uncommon)4Attack +1
Poison 1
6 (Legendary)2
Lich King's Crown 4 (Rare)8Blast 1
Block 1
4 (Rare)6
Red Tide Shield 3 (Uncommon)6Block 1
6 (Legendary)4
Silvintri Longbow 2 (Common)4Attack +1
5 (Epic)2
Slavedriver Whip 2 (Common)4Rush 2
5 (Epic)2
Sword Of Prowess 4 (Rare)6Attack +3
7 (Fabled)4
Talisman of Yauba 4 (Rare)2Attack +1
??? ???
4 (Rare)0
Book of Faces 4 (Rare)10

Command All
Attack +1