Animate is an ability that causes an unit to have 50% chance for returning to staging area, with initial ready the same as initla ready starting from the turn the card is removed from play. A T7 Phoenix getting animated by being killed by enemy will reappear at the start of enemy's turn (The ready value is even number), while being devoured will cause it to reappear in own player's turn. A few odd-numbered animated units will inverse the order, like appearing in player's turn if it is killed at enemy's turn.

Animated units will have all status erased except disease, however it will slightly chance such that the card will have 1 health and 1 attack down from original value in play, but can be diseased again. If an unit is animated after the second disease caused by the mentioned method, the attack and health drop will not stack.

Animated, though popular among cards, are worse compared to resurrect and reclaim, as the disease consequence does not happen in both cases and also animated units are prone to being ambushed.

List of cards with AnimatedEdit







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