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Adamans Firehand

Card lg set2 adamans firehand r

Squad Role
5, 1, 0
6, 0, 0
6, 0, 0
8 (Fabled, 510), 10 (Rare, 510)
8 (Legendary, 600), 10 (Rare, 600)
8 (Legendary, 600), 10 (Rare, 600)
2, 8
Released on
Core Set (510)
Novice Set (600)
Novice Spoiler List (600)
Availability (510) Both (600)

There exists three kinds of Adamans Firehand:

  • 5 Units and 1 Artifact, on only
  • Two kinds with identical stats of 6 Units, but on different versions of Warstorm

As with is closed, only the kind with 6 Units is available.


That which did not kill me made me stronger.

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