Ability damage is one of the three kinds of damages able to be dealt upon an unit. Ability damage are dealt via vast list of abilities, which wil be shown below. Ability damage obey the all the general laws below with a few exceptions. Also, brief descriptions of the associated abilities are described.

General lawEdit

  • Ability Damage bypasses the following abilities and statuses:
    • Attacker status: Cursed
    • Defender status: Block, Flying
  • Ability damage will be nullified (even ability effect is cancelled) when targeted onto Immune units, with exception of Reflect.
  • The statuses carried by the ability damage will be inflicted if the victim actually take damage. That is the reason of immune unit invincible to negative statuses cast by enemy units.

Simple Descriptions on ability damage-abilitiesEdit

We would use Zap as the basic unit. Zap deals X damage to a random enemy, obeying all the general laws.

  • Blast - A Zap effect to each enemy unit in play. This means reflect effect will stack returning to caster.
  • Chain Zap - A Zap effect to all of a kind of enemy units with same name. Reflect would stack too.
  • Drainbolt - A Zap effect, restoring the health of caster before reflect works.
  • Explode - A Zap effect dealing X damage to the opposing and adjacent enemy units. Since the unit is already at 0 health, Reflect has no effect.
  • Firebolt - A Zap effect but the damage is random integer between 1 and X.
  • Firebreath - A Zap effect specified to affect the opposing enemy, will not trigger reflect, causes burning status if victim is not immune.
  • Icebolt - A Zap effect, having 50% chance to cause frozen status if victim is not immune.
  • Increase Burn - A Blast 3 effect to all enemy burning units. It is not confirmed in bellows but only in Raging flame, which the spell makes reflect useless. It is unknown if increase burn will have damage reflected.
  • Reflect - A Zap effect specified to affect the caster. Will not trigger Reflect again.
  • Snipe - A Zap effect specified to the lowest health target. Will not trigger Reflect.
  • Retaliate - A Zap effect specified to affect the attacker. Will not trigger Reflect.
  • Zap - As above.
Note: To test if Increase burn will have its damage reflected, one side must have an unit equipped with bellows, another side with a burning unit with reflect (an unit already having immune cannot get burning status)

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