A Storm is Coming is a purchased campaign in Warstorm. There are 10 missions, each awarding 5000 silver. Completing the campaign grants an extra 10000 silver, a silver mine territory which generates 200 silver per day, and the card Talisman of Yauba. As of October 5th, 2010, it costs 15 Warstorm cash to play through A Storm is Coming campaign, and 15 Warstorm cash to replay it as well.

Mission ListEdit

Mission Name

Enemies Squad(s) Rewards Completed (cards left)
The Horrors of the Swamp Pestilience Rat x4, Diseased Wolf x3, Swamp Horror T5 x6, Swamp Witch 2 500 Experience, 5000 Silver Yes
Varu's Secret Zap (spell) x4, Estian Skullcrusher x2, Estian Battlemage x4, Estian Wardog x2, Varu Blackrobe T7 x2, 2 Yes
Wolves in the Night Deshir Crag Wolf x4, Diseased Wolf x4, Sabotage T5 x3, Invigorate No (2)
The Elvish Warning Anden Stalwart, Anden Stalwart T7, Silvintri Boltmage T5 x3, Anden Maceman x3, Grovekeeper Dyrbral T6 x3, Anden Moon Druid x4, Dangerous Path x3 3 No (3)
The Undead Raiders Dark Horseman T5 x3, Vostag the Diseased, Decayed Knight T5 x4, Sword of Prowess, Sword of Prowess T7, Yorlii the Traitor, Bone Dragon x2, Blast (spell) T6 2 Yes
The Robed Orcs Red Tide Brute x2, Vistav Mutant, Vistav Mutant T7, Firebomb Trap x2, Skarg Bonesmasher 1 Yes
The Followers of Grymish Bloodlust x3, Vistav Mutant, Vistav Mutant T7, Vistav Shardbow x2, Red Tide Brute x3, Red Tide Brute T5 x3, Vistav Trollget T5 x3, Firebomb Trap x2, Gorfang Trollkin x2, Conquerer's Axe, 3 Yes
Enyi's Interference Anden Stormbringer x5, Anden Horsebow T6 x5, Anden Silverback x5, Light Priestess Enyi T6 x2, Nightprowler Silven T7, Diadem of Light, Entangle x2, 3 Yes
Pozak's Stand Estian Fighter T5 x2, Estian Cleric T5 x2, Anglor Knight T5 x2, Anglor High Guard T5 x4, Estian Battlemage T6 x2, Lord General Pozak T6 x2 2 Yes
The Archaeologist's Treasure Wall of Souls x2, Abtu-Kahn Priest T6 x3, Dirty Rotten Zombie T6 x3, Estian Warlord T6 x2, Estian Battle Cleric T6 x2, Estian Battlemage T6 x2, Whispering Ghost x2, Elderash Lich King T6, Batu the Lorekeeper T6, Sabotage x4, Dunun the Defender, Archaeologist Arugi T7, Lich King's Crown, 4 500 Experience, 15000 Silver No (3)

Quotes in the campaignEdit

The Horros of the SwampEdit

You make your way through a fetid swamp, cursing Varu Blackblade 's choice to meeting place. Unfortunately, you're not the only ones in the swamp tonight.

Note: Varu Blackblade is a typo, it should be Varu Blackrobe while the name mixed up with Red Tide Blackblade.

Varu's SecretEdit

A circle of mages surrounds Varu. "I've had a most interesting message from Arugi," he says. "Each of us holds information leading to a talisman of ultimate power. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to relieve you of yours."

Wolves in the NightEdit

Based on the notes you pieced together from the wreckage of Varu's camp, there is a powerful treasure buried on the outskirt of the Silvintri Forests. You begin the journey here, but when you camp, yellow eyes glare from you from the darkness.

The Elvish WarningEdit

Grovekeeper Dyrbral waits for you at the edge of forest. "I know what you are looking for." he says. "Stop now, lest you bring about the end of everything. Stop now, or I will stop you."

The Undead RaidersEdit

Digging unearthes a small casket holding a childlike skeleton and a pendant. As you leave the safety of the forest, a troop of Abtu-Kahn rider sweep down upon you. Were they looking for something? Did they know you were here?

The Robed OrcsEdit

You found the ritual in Varu's notes, and the pendant begins to emit a pearly glow. It tugs in your hand and you follow it... right in a slamm group of orcs wearing strange robes.

The Followers of GrymishEdit

The robed folowers flee, but they soon return with a much larger force. They charge you, screaming hail to someone or something called "Grymish".

Enyi's InterferenceEdit

The pendent from the orcs and the pendent from the elves work together; find the third spoken of in Varu's note and you will unlock their full power. However, a group of elvish cavalry seems determined to spoil your plans.

Pozak's standEdit

Hard on the heels of Enyi's forces comes several squads of Estian and Anglor Warriors. "I was too late to join forces with Enyi," Lord General Pozak says, "but not too late to stop this madness!"

The Archaeologist's TreasureEdit

You're reached the end of your quest. Take the pendant from the Archaeologist, place it with the others, and you will have the ultimate power nessesary to secure the land for yourself! At least, that is what the legends told you......

A Crack in the WorldEdit

The pendants fuse together into a golden talisman. You place it around your neck and feel a rush of power.

Gates crack open across the world, and demonic beings spill out, killing and destroying. Somehow, your assembly of talisman has furthered their escape.

What have you done?

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