0 Health Glitch is a collection of phenomenons of an unit to be able to enter into play with initial 0 health. (can or cannot be healed to increase, see below)

The first pheonemon is that an unit with initial health 1, gets diseased and then died and animated (mostly in the same attack but artifacts prolonging life would not prevent the glitch) As usual the unit would have maximum health and attack decreased by 1, but it makes the unit to have initial health of 0 on entering play. All ways to revive an unit other than animated (including reanimate) will fully cure the unit.

The second pheonemon is that an unit is burning, diseased or/and poisoned, and being unsummoned before its battle cycle ends. Unsummon self counts, as well as a Dwarven Theologian situating left of the unsummoned unit. As the current health entering play is deducted when the three statuses are brought into unsummoned unit, thereotically any unit can experience this glitch. In practice the maximum health to be experienced is to use Silikiatrix to attack a Void Hound, which has 4 initial health and when reentering play, the 4 health is just depleted altogether.

Expermental setupEdit

0 health glitch a

An animated Phoenix getting animated.

  • Silikiatrix: 4 Poison Damage
  • 2 Adjacent Silikiatrix with Skarg's Axe: 4 Poison Damage
  • Diseased: 1 Decrease of health
  • Burning: 1 Damage;
  • Dwarven Theologist: Unsummons victim
  • The victim should have minimum of 9 health (2 Sili +3 Sili Grue +2 Sili +1 Disease +1 Base ) or Block with 6 health (1 Sili +2 Sili Grue +1 Sili +1 Disease +1 Base ) to withstand the attack damage, not status damage.

The result would be decrease of 14 current health and 1 initial health.

Activity of 0 health unitsEdit

These glitched units work just like 1 health units, and it experiences normal death on attack, ability damage, assassinate, and even acts equally with pay life issues (That is, won't die before attacking) However, the unit would suffer from additional kind of death when health plus effect is removed. In particular, any 0 health unit dies even without being attacked, if the health plus effect (including protect and guard) is removed.

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